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President at Army Day ceremony:

Iranian armed forces’ power, the power of regional states, World of Islam/ Brotherhood, unity bonds between people, armed forces exceptional

 Stressing that the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran had a very valuable role in the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and even before it, the President said, “In the past 40 years, Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been alongside the Leader and people for defending the territorial integrity and independence of the country, as well as the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

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Thu 18 - April 2019 - 09:20

Speaking on Thursday at a ceremony for Army Day, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, “If we refer to Imam Khomeini’s speeches before the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1963 and 1964, we can see that he has shown special respect to the armed forces”.

We also went on to say, “The power of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the power of regional countries and the World of Islam”.

“The brotherhood and unity bonds between the people and the armed forces in Iran is exceptional,” added the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He added, “The Army is beside the people in these days when we are facing floods in many provinces around the country”.

Dr Rouhani said, “During the war with Iraq, the Army, IRGC, Basij and other armed forces defended the dignity and independence of the country alongside the people”.

The President went on to refer to the heinous move by the US administration against the devoted forces of the IRGC, saying, “Everybody saw that the people were, and will be, united behind the IRGC, as they have been behind people”.

“The enemies wrong to think that IRGC is merely a part of Iran’s armed forces. IRGC is present at national and service stages in the entire country, and the people consider it as a part of themselves,” he added.

He continued, “Insulting the IRGC means insulting the armed forces and the great Iranian nation”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said, “Today is the day when major world powers, including the United States, and the Zionists do not want to see any stability, security, integrity and unity, brotherhood, and defending national interests. This is why we sometimes see direct military intervention in the region”.

“A review of the past 18 years shows that the interventions of the US Army in our region, from Afghanistan to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and other countries, has not brought anything except for crime, misery and destruction”.

He added, “When the US decided to arm terrorists and support them by its fighter jets to use them as a proxy power in the region, the power that could foil the evil plots of the US in the region was our armed forces in the region, especially IRGC”.

Stressing that, “The US is mad at any power that is not under their control,” Dr Rouhani said, “Because of the 40 years of resistance, the US is mad at the Iranian nation and the armed forces and the IRGC, as it is mad at Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Popular Mobilisation Forces in Iraq, and popular forces in Yemen”.

He added, “The Americans and their mercenaries in the region and the Zionist Regime didn’t think the nations in the region could eliminate all terrorists, as their proxy forces in the region, with the help of the Iranian nation and armed forces and the IRGC”.

“America is today angry that it cannot advance the plans it had designed for the region,” added Rouhani, highlighting that the path the US has chosen is wrong and US officials are drowned in their illusions.

“There is no doubt that today, our armed forces are more powerful than ever,” continued the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

news id: 109276

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