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President at cabinet session:

IRGC defender of freedom, security in region, pioneer of fighting terrorism/ US move propaganda, to help somebody’s victory in Occupied Territories/ Elections in occupied lands not meaningful/ People’s problems in flood-hit areas must be resolved ASAP

President said that recognition of the Zionist Regime’s sovereignty over Golan Heights and designation of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as an FTO are foolish, unwise moves by the United States.

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Wed 10 - April 2019 - 13:30

Speaking on Wednesday in a cabinet session, President Hassan Rouhani said, “IRGC is the defender of freedom and security in the region and the forerunner of combatting terrorism,” stating that the two moves were aimed at supporting a criminal group in the Occupied Territories.

“The Prime Minister of the Zionist Regime has explicitly announced that the US’ move was on their request, and in other words, all US’ crimes and illegal acts have been because of someone’s victory in the Occupied Territories’ elections,” added Rouhani.

Stating that elections in occupied lands is not meaningful, he went on to say, “If elections are to be held, it is the people of Palestine, not the occupiers, who should take to the ballot box”.

The President also said that everybody in the country should focus on foiling US plots and repairing the damages of the recent floods, adding, “Our responsibility is to swiftly address people’s problems in the flood-hit areas”.

“We call for a referendum in the region so that the countries and peoples can announce who have oppressed them and who have helped them,” said the President.

He continued, “Americans must know that they are the source of tyranny and terrorism in the region and the peoples of the region, especially the people of Iran, have rushed to help each other in hard times”.

“An unwise government’s insult to the IRGC, which is a devoted institution, is happening in days that the forces are helping the people of Iran and their brothers and sisters in flood-stricken areas,” continued Rouhani.

"If you are trying to sow discord in Iran," said the president addressing US officials, "you are wrong; there has always been a close relationship between the Revolutionary Guards and the people, and the people will never forget their 40-year sacrifices".

Dr Rouhani continued, “The enemies failed to achieve their goals in the region, and they know that in this failure, the Revolutionary Guard Corps has played a key role; this is why they are angry about it and are doing unwise things”.

"If the Americans want to separate the people of the region from Iran and the IRGC by this move, they must know that they are wrong again,” said Rouhani.

“Today, the people of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other nations in the region have not forgotten Iran and IRGC’s services, and this move will not change anything," said the president, saying that all US actions were against international rules and regulations.

Dr Rouhani stressed that US’ action is propaganda and a political move, adding, "Over the past 40 years, the United States has shown full-fledged animosity against Iran, and today it has been more blatant in this path and has always been working against the Revolutionary Guards”.

"They know well that if they want to step beyond the propaganda, they will encounter problems and disasters, and I do not think they will do anything else, no matter how much inexperienced they are" he said.

news id: 109192

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