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President in phone calls with 1st VP, interior minister, governor-generals:

People, managers, armed forces, relief workers’ unity, hard work shows Iran’s power/ People’s safety the key point in addressing floods

President described the hard work and unity of all managers, people, armed forces and relief workers as the manifestation of Iran’s power and said, “In managing crises, people’s safety is the main point, and serving the flood-hit people is undoubtedly a great honour”.

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Mon 01 - April 2019 - 16:01

Speaking on Monday with First Vice-President, Minister of Interior and governor-generals of provinces around the country, President Hassan Rouhani once more reiterated, “All public facilities and equipment must be allocated for managing the floods until people’s safety is fully ensured”.

After receiving interior minister’s report, he instructed him to mobilise all facilities for helping people who have been hit by the recent floods.

In phone calls with governor generals of different provinces, Dr Rouhani appreciated the measures taken and stressed, “With regard to the continuation of heavy rainfalls, the status of dams must be monitored with more attention and sensitivity”.

He also issued the necessary instructions for managing the floods in different provinces nationwide.

He said, “Despite some hardships, the recent floods have created an exceptional unity and integrity among our people and it is essential for us to turn threats to opportunities”.

The President went on to refer to the good decisions made by the cabinet in this regard and said, “The relief process must be accelerated”.

Dr Rouhani once again appreciated all armed forces, Basij, Red Crescent, and relief workers for their self-sacrifice and stressed that the government will spare no effort in helping and supporting people in the flood-stricken areas.

news id: 109055

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