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President at the coordination meeting of Disaster Management Taskforce of Mazandaran:

People’s voluntarily presence to help each other a great honour for our nation/ Kindness, greatness towards each other disappointed enemies

President mentioned the problems of those who have been hit by the recent floods, saying, “Our people experienced hard days, and I was particularly affected by the incident in Shiraz and the death of some of my fellow countrymen”.

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Thu 28 - March 2019 - 14:33

Speaking on Wednesday evening at the coordination meeting of Disaster Management Taskforce of Mazandaran Province, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, “At least 26 provinces of the country are going through the weather crisis, which is unprecedented in the past 30 to 40 years”.

The president added, "When visiting the villages in Golestan and Mazandaran provinces, we met with a very respectable people, many of whom had lost their properties and had pain and trouble, but they treated us nicely”.

He added, “Sudden and severe precipitation leads to floods in a short time. The flood is not just for Iran, but anywhere in the world, but measures can be taken to reduce the flood damage”.

Mentioning the New Orleans flood, or the recent earthquake in Italy, the president said, "Just compare that situation in those advanced countries with the Kermanshah earthquake, and what the great people and our relief forces did. This voluntary presence of people to help the victims of natural disasters is a great honour for our nation”.

Dr Rouhani said, “The flood inflicted damages on us, caused our people suffering and distressed, and took away some of our loved ones, but at the same time created a great unity and coherence in our nation”.

“In my opinion, the enemies were disappointed by seeing this kindness, greatness and fraternity,” continued the President.

"Contrary to the will of the enemies, God did something that highlighted the unity and greatness of our nation, our armed forces, our relief and health forces, and our leaders to the world,” continued Rouhani.

He also said, “I became very happy when I came to the two villages as the servant of the people, and they invited us to their house. This is an honour for us”.

The president said, “Our people fully understand the situation, because Aban 13 failed to break them despite what the enemies had hoped".

“400 to 500 Americans have been assigned to monitor sanctions on Iran, but they did not succeed because our people are at the stage, and they know well that the ones that are now ruling the White House are grudge-holders who are looking for an opportunity to defeat the Iranian nation”.

Referring to the US’ failure to make its allies accompany it in anti-Iran sanctions, he said, "I went to Europe in this sanctions period. The Americans and the Israelis contacted them to cancel the trip, but after failing to do so, they made an incident in Europe that I do not want to explain how the incident was made to convince them to cancel Iranian President’s visit to Europe, but and no one cancelled it”.

The president added, “Some say that in Iraq an unprecedented welcoming happened. Iraq is our dear brother and neighbour, but even the Europeans welcomed us warmly. Why America does not succeed? Why does the US gather everyone in Warsaw to tell Europeans that they do not recognise the JCPOA but still does not succeed? This is the greatness of the nation of Iran”.

He said, “Hassan Rouhani is a seminary student and a normal person, like all the people of Iran, and everything that he has comes from the people and the support of the people and representation of the Iranian people, and he is nothing else”.

Dr Rouhani stated, "This is the greatness of the Iranian nation, which does not let America to succeed with the power it has alongside the Zionists and some reactionary states of the region".

Referring to the pressure from US sanctions on the Iranian people, the president said, "It turned out that the Americans are not friends of the Iranian people because they have put pressure on the whole nation of Iran”.

Dr Rouhani emphasised the enormous achievements of the country in all sectors, including industry and agriculture, saying, “Despite all pressures from the sanctions, a series of historic projects were opened in the country last year, including the largest refinery in Bandar Abbas”. 

The president said, “Thank God, despite the problems on these days, the Americans and Zionists did not succeed in reaching their goals, they wanted turn this flood into a fight to divide the people, the Shiites and Sunnis, the Turkmen and the Persians, and to disappoint the people”.

news id: 108987

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