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President after visiting flood-hit areas in Golestan Province:

This area’s patient, resistant people had reasonable demands from gov’t/ We will do whatever we can to solve all their problems

President expressed happiness over visiting flood-hit areas and meeting with people, saying, “We visited flood-stricken areas in Aqqala Country. The people had reasonable demands”.

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Wed 27 - March 2019 - 17:58

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday after visiting flood-hit areas in Golestan Province, President Hassan Rouhani said, “This area’s patient and resistant people had reasonable demands from the government”.

“We will do whatever we can to solve all their problems,” said the President, adding, “The people want the floodwater to be drained from this region and their houses”.

He continued, “We made the decision at the cabinet session today to reconstruct people’s houses”.

The President also went on to say, “The housing foundation of Islamic Revolution is responsible to implement this decision”.

Stating that the government will do whatever it can to finalise reconstruction of houses in spring and summer, he said, “The main problem is that the river that was supposed to drain the entire floodwater into the sea, has not been dredged unfortunately”.

“The Minister of Interior has been assigned the responsibility to stay in this region and good measures have been taken,” he said.

Appreciating the armed forces, the Army and IRGC for helping people with whatever they could, Dr Rouhani said, “When I was in the helicopter, I saw that good short-term measures have been taken, but the main thing that need to be done is dredging the river”.

He said, “I told the people of this region that the entire Iranian nation sympathise with them. We will reconstruct the houses wherever it is needed”.

“This flood is a lesson for us telling that we should dredge the river and correct its path for later months to stop such incidents from happening,” said Rouhani.


news id: 108959

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