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Dr Rouhani at the first cabinet session in new year:

Gov’t to compensate all damages caused by floods/ A national committee to be formed for finding flood origins/ People helping those hit by floods a great blessing/ Rainfall increased 33%

President stressed that the government will compensate all damages made by the recent floods, adding that a national committee will be formed for findings the origins of floods with the aim of conducting short- and long-term measures.

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Wed 27 - March 2019 - 15:08

Speaking on Wednesday at the first cabinet session of year 1398, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, “In the first days of year 1398, people rushed to help each other with all they could and this is admirable”.

He went on to refer to the immense rainfall that can have great impacts on agriculture, saying, “But in the meantime, the huge amount of rainfall in short time in a small area makes problems for people, posing threats to them”.

“Apparently, this year we are going to have excess rainfall instead of 10 years of drought,” said Rouhani adding, “With regard to the rainfall in areas that have a dam, the necessary controls have been carried out”.

He added, “The measures taken in the past 40 years have had good effects, but they are not enough and we need to take more measures”.

Dr Rouhani continued, “The recent incidents in some provinces, especially in Shiraz City. Were very tragic and this shows that the first people who rush to help are people themselves”.

 “We should all attempt to return the provinces and cities to their normal conditions, carrying out the basic measures for protecting people’s lives,” said the President.

Stating that the Meteorological Organisation is doing great job, he said, “They should exert more effort to inform people of the exact time and place of disasters”.

news id: 108949

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