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President in a phone call with Iraqi PM:

Iran-Iraq ties strategic, historic/ Zionist Regime’s greed, Washington’s incorrect decisions highlight closer regional cooperation

President described relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq as “strategic and historic” and stressed, “Development of Tehran-Baghdad relations is currently exceptional and beneficial for both Iranian and Iraqi nations”.

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Tue 26 - March 2019 - 19:50

Speaking on Tuesday with the Prime Minister of Iraq Adil Abdul-Mahdi on telephone, President Hassan Rouhani congratulated Nowruz to him and referred to the achievements of his latest visit to Iraq, saying, “Iran is fully ready to implement all agreements made during the historic visit”.

Dr Rouhani also referred to the latest heavy rainfall in the area and pouring of a large amount of water onto Shatt al-Arab (Arvand Rud), and said that dredging the river is necessary for the safety for the people of the two countries, expressing hope that the important Tehran-Baghdad agreement would soon be implemented.

He said that coordination between ministers of energy and water of Iran and Iraq was very important in the current conditions, adding, “Cooperation and negotiation between the officials of the two countries, especially in the southern areas should be promoted”.

The President went on to once again thank the warm hospitality of the Iraqi government and nation during his recent visit to the country, and described the agreement for issuance of visas for the citizens of both countries free of charge as a key step in more people-to-people exchanges.

Dr Rouhani said that cooperation and dialogue among all countries of the region is necessary for more security and stability, adding, “Establishment of peace and stability in the region is not possible unless all important regional countries stand together and resolve their disagreements”.

President Rouhani also lambasted the recent decision by the President of the United States to recognise the governance of the Zionist Regime on Golan Heights, saying, “The Zionist Regime’s greed and the United States’ incorrect decisions highlight closer cooperation among the countries of the region”.

“The worrying talk about violating the rights of the Palestinian and Syrian people, especially on Golan Heights, are extremely dangerous for the security of the region, and I hope that strengthening regional cooperation will create conditions that we will not see a new tension and instability in the region,” said Rouhani.

He also invited the Iraqi Prime Minister to have an official visit to Tehran.

During the phone call, Prime Minister of Iraq Adil Abdul-Mahdi also congratulated Nowruz to Dr Rouhani and offered condolences over the death of a number of Iranian citizens in the recent floods.

He said, “Your visit to Iraq and the agreements that were made was an important event that will further strengthen relations between the two countries in the coming decades”.

The Iraqi PM also said, “Dredging Shatt al-Arab and free issuance of visas between the two countries are among important agreements that will be implemented and operationalised soon”.

“Regional cooperation and relations should be developed away from taking sides against each other to let us take advantage of potentials of all countries for resolving regional issues,” he said.

news id: 108921

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