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President in a meeting with ministers, managers, officials:

Planning must be long-term/ People helping victims very valuable/ Boosting production the way to development, progress/ Trump’s decision to unilaterally grant Golan Heights to Zionists a colonial, meaningless move

President described alleviating the hardships and helping people by solving their problems, especially in flood-stricken areas as everybody’s duty and said, “Today’s first priority in flood-hit areas is providing relief and repairing the damages cause by the recent incidents”.

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Tue 26 - March 2019 - 15:40

Speaking on Tuesday in a meeting with a number of ministers and executive managers and officials, President Hassan Rouhani stressed, “Such incidents must be prevented through precise study and planning”.

“Such tragic disasters remind us that we have to exert more attention to infrastructural planning and have long-term approaches,” said the President.

He added, “Of course, the pain and suffering of those who have been hurt in these incidents is great and I wish the people patience,” saying that the government is trying to address the issue and repair the damages.

Dr Rouhani also said, “The positive point in such disasters is people’s presence, who rush to the help of the injured before the relief forces arrive”.

He then mentioned the importance of protecting the environment in preventing such tragic incidents, adding, “When we treat the nature badly, we will face such problems”.

Referring to the Supreme Leader’s naming of the new year as the “Year of Boosting Production”, the President said, “With regard to tough times of sanctions, we can overcome all problems through heeding Supreme Leader’s emphasis on boosting production”.

“Unfortunately, these days our region and the world is facing many problems because of some unwise rulers taking office, and this makes the situation harder,” said the President.

Dr Rouhani lambasted the US President’s decision to recognise Golan Heights as part of the occupying Zionist Regime, saying, “Nobody would ever imagine that someday somebody would take office in America and grant a land to a usurper against international rules and regulations”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran went on to restate regret over the recent incidents in the country, especially in Shiraz City that led to the death of a number of Iranian citizens, and said, “I would like to appreciate all people, the armed forces and the police, as well as the relief agencies and other officials who helped address the problems”.

news id: 108913

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