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President speaking to reporters after visiting Pegah Diary:

Gov’t, people, entrepreneurs must work harder to increase production quality/ Capital, tech, market key bases for boosting production

President referred to the naming of Year 1398 as the Year of Boosting Production by the Supreme Leader and said, “This year is name the year of boosting production, and the government, people and entrepreneurs must work harder to increase the quality of production”.

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Thu 21 - March 2019 - 13:49

Speaking on Thursday morning after visiting Pegah Dairy Industries Company, President Hassan Rouhani congratulated New Year to all Iranian people, entrepreneurs and workers around the country, saying, “Capital, technology and market are the main bases for boosting production”.

He went on to refer to better conditions that farmers have compared to the past, he said, “Higher figures of purchasing milk from farmers means that they have better conditions and this is good for production as well”.

“Production of public goods, which all people use and need, have increased by 25 per cent and this is correlated with the inflation rate last year, which was around 26 per cent,” he said.

He continued, “We should encourage people to use more dairy products, for which we need to increase production and manage the prices so that people can use these valuable products easily”.

Answering a question about the readiness of relief and medical aid forces during Nowruz, the President said, “For me, it was very pleasing to see that this year, more equipped bases have been set up”.

 “Fortunately, in the recent two years, motor ambulances have joined the fleet, providing medical assistance to a thousand people daily,” he said, referring to the number of relief helicopters being doubled compared to the past 2 years.

Dr Rouhani also went on to say, “I hope that all people who serve the people during Nowruz holidays can exert more efforts, and people come back safe from their trips”.

The President wished a year full of health and happiness, and victory against the enemies for the people of Iran.


news id: 108896

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