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President at Mehrabad Airport before leaving for Iraq:

Iran alongside Iraqi nation, gov’t/ Deepening Tehran-Baghdad ties our aim/ US’ anti-Iranian efforts unsuccessful

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran left Tehran for Baghdad on Monday as the head of a high-ranking political and economic delegation at the official invitation of the President and Prime Minister of Iraq.

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Mon 11 - March 2019 - 08:55

Speaking at Mehrabad Airport before leaving Tehran, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, “The goal of this visit is deepening bilateral relations”.

“Relations between Iran and Iraq are special,” said Rouhani, adding, “In the recent years, the people of Iran have passed a test with pride, and that is wherever the peoples of the region faced a problem and asked for the help of the Iranian nation and government, we rushed to help them”.

He continued, “There are many common grounds for cooperation between the two countries. We have been alongside the Iraqi people in their hard times, and today, which is the day of peace and security in the country, we are still by the side of the Iraqi nation”.

He said, “Iran considers relations with its neighbours as the most important issue in its foreign relations, and our neighbours want to have close, good relations with Iran”.

The President added, “Today, we have good relations and cooperation with Iraq in almost all fields, including transit, tourism, pilgrimage, investment, political, regional and international fields”.

“Today, our economic cooperation amounts to $12 billion a year, and we can easily increase this to $20 billion in the coming years,” said Rouhani.

Stating that Iraq can supply many of its needs from Iran, the President said, “Our close relations can be beneficial for both countries”.

“We have also very important projects underway. Our railway will be linked to Iraq’s railway and this will be beneficial for pilgrims, the two countries and the region,” he said.

Referring to sediment removal of Arvand Rud President Rouhani said, “Based on the 1975 treaty, this sediment removal is beneficial for both countries, and the cities of Basra, Khorramshahr and Abadan”.

On industrial parks, he said, “We have border issues in terms of security and also the environment and dust are important for us, to settle which, joint measures should be taken by both countries”.

“In Baghdad, an economic forum will be held, and we will also have meetings with the nomads, elites and politicians of Iraq, and we will also make pilgrimage to the holy shrines in Karbala and Najaf,” he said.

Dr Rouhani continued, “We hope that this visit will be beneficial for both nations and countries, bringing about development of relations between the two countries”.

news id: 108553

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