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President in cabinet session:

Opening 3 key projects in Hormozgan a symbol of Iranian nation’s capabilities, progress/ Self-sufficiency in petrol production during sanctions indicates our capabilities/ Iranian nation’s resolve to win against US’ plots/ US’ threatening banks, companies for cooperating with Iran a 100% terrorist act

President referred to the achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran and continued victories against the conspiracies and bullying of the United States, adding, “We must all feel responsible for implementing Supreme Leader’s statement on the second step of the Revolution”.

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Wed 20 - February 2019 - 13:18

Speaking in a cabinet session on Wednesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani continued, “The opening of three important projects in Hormozgan Province is the symbol of Iranian nation’s capabilities and progress”.

Expressing satisfaction over self-sufficiency in petrol production, he said, “This is a great honour for the government and by the end of this year, our petrol production will surpass 100 million litres”.

He went on to refer to the inauguration of Fateh-class submarine, saying, “This indicates our defence power and capabilities, as well as maritime industries”.

Iranian nation’s resolve will win against the United States’ conspiracies, said Rouhani, adding, “Today, there is a showdown between Iran and the US, meaning that today, they are using all they can against the Iranian nation”.

Stating that without a doubt, the Iranian nation will win, he continued, “The Americans lost once again in persuading Europe to accompany them in withdrawing from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)”.

“Americans did whatever they could, but all the other members of the United States Security Council objected to them, marking another political loss for the US,” he added.

Dr Rouhani went on to refer to the Warsaw Summit, adding, “First they announced it clearly that the summit was supposed to be against Iran, even stating in in the initial statement, but when they faced objection from other countries, they had to change to topic and say that it was about the Middle East”.

“When the Vice-President of the United States called on European countries to accompany them in withdrawing from the JCPOA, they pronounced it clearly that they would stay in the deal,” he said.

President Rouhani added, “The Americans were seeking two goals in the Warsaw Summit, which were Iranophobia and forgetting about the Palestinian issue, but they did not succeed in any of them”.

He continued, “It is unprecedented throughout the history of the Iranian nation and the US government that we have achieved victory three times in an international court”.

Dr Rouhani also referred to the other moves of the US against the Iranian nation, including threatening the IAEA and putting pressure on banks and companies for not having cooperation with Iran.

“The actions of the United States in pressurising banks and companies for not cooperating with Iran is an absolute terrorist act against International regulations,” he said.

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran said, “The Iranian government and nation stand by each other and our unity can lead us to victory against their pressures”.

On the recent summit in Sochi, Russia, Dr Rouhani said, “Despite the artificial Warsaw Summit, the Sochi Summit was a firm, effective one”.

Stating that the Islamic Republic of Iran is seeking cooperation with all friendly countries, he said, “Interaction with countries is very important for us and therefore, we cooperate with our friendly countries in the region and other parts of the world, including Europe”.

“We are ready to cooperate and have interaction with the world, but countries that are working with us need to be careful not to show greed towards us,” said Rouhani.

He also said that the Iranian nation would never yield to the bullying behaviour of the United States, adding, “As we want to have good and honest relations with Europe, we never accept anyone's irresponsible behaviour”.

On Supreme Leader’s recent statement, the President said, “We must all feel responsible for implementing Supreme Leader’s statement on the second step of the Revolution”.

news id: 108200

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