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President at the meeting of Administrative Council of Hormozgan Province:

We'll overcome problems with hope in future, unity, hard work/Nation found right path, to stay on it/All authorities at work round the clock to alleviate problems

President stressed that we are at economic war, adding, "We must all understand the current conditions of the country. We are at economic war with our enemies, but we will definitely overcome all provlems with hope in future, unity and hard work".

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Sun 17 - February 2019 - 23:01

Speaking on Sunday evening at the meeting of Administrative Council of Hormozgan Province, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "If we wish to stand against superpowers and maintain our independence, we should all be united".

"We should understand that during sanctions and economic pressures, people's life is not just one thing," said Rouhani.

He continued, "Our nation has found the right path and that is protecting the goals and ideals of the Revolution. People will continue this path".

Referring to the $68 million spent on building the Fateh submarine, he said, "If we were to buy this submarine from other countries, we had to spend $250 million".

Referring to the nuclear negotiations, he said, “We didn’t do anything special, but gave people hope. The price of dollar decreased automatically, and so did the goods, because people knew that the government was trying to solve their problems”.

He also stated that the government would not be able to solve all problems alone, adding, “The government and people will definitely be able to resolve all problems”.

“The entire world is witnessing Iran’s power during the war and pressures, opening Khalije Fars Refinery, which is the biggest refinery in the region in terms of gas condensates production, means that our country is on its way to development,” he continued.

Sanctions will definitely make problems for us, but these problems cannot overpower us, said the President, continuing, “Being able to win a case against US in an international court three times in a year is a great achievement”.

Pointing out that the Europe’s objection to US’ withdrawal from the JCPOA is a sign of Iran's success, he noted, "We thank God for the great nation we have”.

“Of course, we are experiencing hard times, but we are confident that these days will pass and certainly better days will come, along with success for the nation of Iran,” he continued.

news id: 108149

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