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President at Mehrabad Airport before leaving for Sochi:

US, Zionists the main roots of terrorism in region/Forlorn terrorist attempts won't affect great Iranian nation's resolve/Syrian-Syrian talks on right track/We can never trust US vows/Protecting Syria's territorial integrity important for Iran

President Rouhani expressed condolences over the martyrdom of a number of IRGC forces to their families, the armed forces, the IRGC and the Supreme Leader, stressing that the United States and Zionism are the main root of terrorism in the region, and, unfortunately, some oil-rich countries in the region support these terrorists".

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Thu 14 - February 2019 - 09:25

Speaking at Mehrabad Airport on Thursday before leaving Tehran for Sochi, Russia, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "Such cowardly crimes will have no effect on the great Iranian nation's resolve, and they will continue along the same path they have taken".

"The people of Iran will never yield to the world powers. This people have been facing mercenary terrorists since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, and will continue combatting them until they are rooted out, and we will definitely avenge their martyrdom" he continued.

Calling on some neighbours to carry out their legal duties within the framework of good neighbourliness, he asked them not to let terrorists take advantage of their soil to conduct terrorists acts against their neighbours.

He added, "If this trend continues and they cannot stop terrorists, it is clear that we have rights according to international rules and regulations and we will claim our rights".

The President went on to mention the Sochi visit, saying, "The first summit was held in Sochi, the second in Ankara, and the third in Tehran. This is the fourth summit on regional issues and security, especially Syria, following the Astana process".

Stating that the terrorist groups have suffered heavy losses in Syria, he said, "There are still some of them in northern parts of Syria and eastern banks of the Euphrates, which emphasises that the process of fighting them must continue until they are rooted out".

"The second issue about Syria is the presence of foreign forces in the country, and if a country is present in Syria not based on the invitation legitimate government of the country, it must leave the country".

Dr Rouhani added, "Especially Americans, who have been on the Syrian soil against international regulations since the beginning, and they have occupied this country; of course, they have recently announce that they wish to leave Syria, which is good news if it is right".

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said, "Of course, we can never trust the vows and words of Americans, neither will the world".

Stating that protecting the territorial integrity of Syria is important for Iran, he said, "The entire Syrian soil must be at the hands of the government in Damascus, and it is them who should speak to Kurds as their fellow Syrians".

"The fact that the Syrian soil is inseparable and a part of it cannot be controlled by another country is what we emphasise," said Rouhani.

Referring to the importance of drafting the Constitution and a committee for that purpose, he said, "This is also one of the issues that is normally stressed at these tripartite summits".

The model of cooperation between Iran, Turkey and Russia for resolving regional issues is a very good model, said the President, adding, "We have repeatedly announced that regional issues must be resolve by the countries of the region and the Astana Process is a very good one, which enjoys the cooperation of the United Nations and its Secretary-General".

He said, "The future of Syria is at the hands of the people of the country and the Syrian-Syrian negotiation process is on the right track, which should continue".

"In this visit, I will have separate bilateral meetings with Mr Erdogan and Mr Putin," said the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

news id: 108032

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