Islamic Revolution path to continue like the past 40 years/People’s strong presence nationwide means enemies’ plots foiled/Enemies won’t ever reach their vicious goals/Iran’s military power amazed world in past 40 years, esp. in recent 5 years/We won’t ask anybody’s permission for our defensive power

Stressing that the path of the Islamic Revolution will continue as strong as the past 40 years, President said, “People’s strong presence in streets around the country, including Tehran means that the plots of the enemies in the past one year have been foiled”.

Mon 11 - February 2019 - 12:10

Addressing the immense gathering of people during Feb. 11 demonstrations celebrating the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution on Monday, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, “The enemies will never achieve their vicious goals”.

Stating that the Iranian nation freed itself from dictatorship, colonialism, and dependencies, the President said, “The Iranian nation was successful in establishing the Islamic Revolution in this land”.

“This year, we are holding Feb. 11 celebrations when the United States, the Zionists and the reactionaries in the region have put our people under the pressure of sanctions,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani added, “People know it well that 205 years ago, a great part of Iran’s northern parts and Caucasus separated from Iran during the disloyal Qajar kings”.

“Even 47 years ago, seven years before the victory of the Islamic Revolution during the time of the disloyal Pahlavi regime, an important part of southern Iran that was called Iran’s 14th province in geography books, separated from the country”.

He continued, “But 38 years ago when the world powers incited Saddam to attack Iran with the help of the weapons made by the west and the east, the money of reactionaries in the region and soldiers of many other countries, brave Iranians resisted against the entire world with its brave children, Army, IRGC, Basij, Police and all people”.

“The west and the east provided Saddam with the most modern fighters, artillery, tanks and helicopters during the war, but the ultimate loser were all their mercenaries, and our warriors came back home holding the flag of victory,” he continued.

The President also said, “Today, the entire world must know that the Islamic Republic of Iran is far more powerful than the days of war and defence, and our armed forces are readier today for creating weapons”.

Head of the Supreme National Security Council continued, “Today, 85 per cent of our defensive equipment and needs are built by our own powerful, brave engineers inside the country, whereas in the past regime, 95 per cent of our weapons was foreign”.

“We have not –and will not- ask for permission from anybody for improving our defensive power,” said Rouhani adding, “We will continue this path and I say this clearly to the people of Iran that Iran’s military power in the past 40 years, especially in the recent 5 years has amazed the entire world”.

He continued, “In the recent five years, the moment Iran wanted to help the people of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Yemen, the world saw that the enemies did not achieve any victory against the power of the peoples of the region and Iran’s support”.

Dr Rouhani continued to emphasise that protecting territorial integrity of Iran has been the first achievement of the Islamic Revolution, saying, “Even one millimetre of the land and water of this country was not given to the enemies and the Iranian nation won over all conspiracies”.

On the second achievement of the Islamic Revolution, he said, “Today, all authorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran, from the Supreme Leader to the President, members of the parliament, Assembly of Experts and all councils are chosen through people’s votes”.

 “We all need to keep this in mind that if we foiled all these plots in the past 40 years, it was because of Islam and our republic system,” he said.

President Rouhani added, “Relying on God is the power that we have but our enemies don’t. We know that whether we win the battle or get killed in it, we are the victor”.

Stating that, “Our revolution was based on the principle that virtue must replace vice,” he continued, “Faith and spirituality were the basis of yesterday and today’s revolution and power”.

Referring to the importance of the ballot box, he said, “If it weren’t for this box, if we didn’t have long lines waiting to cast their ballot, the enemies would be successful in their conspiracies against our country”.

 “Today, we have a true democracy in Iran. Parties, newspapers and the media are free in this country and all authorities must approach elections with an open mind. The more our mind is open, the readier we will be to prepare the groundwork for the presence of all thoughts, parties and factions”.

He also went on to mention the Comprehensive Bill on Elections, which is reviewed by the parliament to be passed, saying, “We hope that with its passing by the Majlis, we witness more powerful turnout elections in the future”.

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