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President while receiving new Venezuelan Ambassador’s letter of credence:

Iran to continue cementing ties with Venezuela/Venezuelan people to foil new US conspiracy with unity, standing by gov’t

President Rouhani reaffirmed Iran’s support of the legitimate government in Venezuela and stressed that the unity among the people of the country was very important for the Venezuelan nation to be victorious and prove it to the Americans that they will not let them interfere in their country’s affairs.

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Sat 02 - February 2019 - 15:14

Speaking on Saturday while receiving the letter of credence of Carlos Antonio Alcala Cordones, the new Ambassador of Venezuela to Tehran, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, “We support Mr Maduro’s legal government and believe that the people of Venezuela will foil this plot with unity and standing by their government”.

“Basically, the Americans are against all popular revolutions and independent countries and want to dominate the world by suppressing revolutions and independent countries,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani continued, “Americans do not tolerate even other powers in the world, and we are seeing their imperious behaviour towards Russia, China and even Europe”.

Describing the new way that Americans are pursuing by establishing a government in the Venezuelan government as heinous, he said, “We had seen Americans conducting velvet revolutions, but this way of interfering in Venezuela is a new one”.

He also referred to the good relations between Tehran and Caracas, adding, “Relations between the two countries has been very good and close in the recent years, continuing in President Nicolás Maduro’s term of office”.

“In political and economic fields, we will continue the same path in relations between the two countries,” added Rouhani.

He also described the new ambassador a very active and effective figure in the Venezuelan government, saying that appointing him as the new Ambassador to Tehran indicated Caracas’ caring about relations between the two countries.

The new Ambassador of Venezuela to Tehran Carlos Antonio Alcala Cordones also presented his letter of credence to President Rouhani and said, “In this new conspiracy, we are facing global imperialism and the people of Venezuela will win this fight”.

“In our fight against imperialism and conspiracies, we are counting on our good friends, including Iran,” he continued.

news id: 107836

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