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President speaking at cabinet session:

Comprehensive Bill on Elections to be submitted to parliament next week/This year’s revolution anniv. celebrations very important/Americans can never get what they want/We’ll proudly circumvent US sanctions/With its immense resources, Iran not removable from energy market

President said that the unlawful US sanctions against Iran were aimed at putting pressure on the Iranians, stressing, “We will proudly circumvent US sanctions and they can never achieve their goals”.

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Wed 23 - January 2019 - 13:48

Speaking at the meeting of the cabinet on Wednesday, President Hassan Rouhani also expressed hope that with the final ratification of the four bills, the economic and banking plots of the United States would be foiled”.

He also congratulated the upcoming 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution and said, “We all know that Bahman month, the 10-day Fajr Celebration and especially this year’s revolution anniversary celebrations are very important”.

“We are happy that despite all conspiracies against the Islamic Revolution, the unlawful US sanctions have not been able to get them to what they want, and they themselves admit it,” he continued.

The President also said, “Although the sanctions make problems and hardships for our people, they can never get what they want”.

The enemies are trying to pressurise Iran on oil and its export and sales, as well as banking, he said, adding, “Regarding oil, we are following different ways and paths for its sale and we are proudly circumventing these sanctions”.

Dr Rouhani went on to say, “All countries know that these sanctions are unjust and unlawful, eventually targeting the people of Iran, rather than state individuals and institutions”.

Expressing happiness that the explored oil fields in the past 40 years have been nearly doubled, the President added, “Today, our oil and condensates reserves are very high compared to the early days after the victory of the Islamic Revolution”.

He also mentioned the exploration of a new oil field in Abadan, saying, “This means that with Iran’s power in oil and gas, it is not a country that can be removed from the energy market”.

On Iran’s effectiveness in the region in the fields of energy, culture, global policies and science and technology, he said, “I assure the people of Iran that all authorities, especially the oil ministry, will work within the framework of the rule of law and do their best to sell Iran’s oil, gas and condensates”.

Americans are trying to make banking transactions with the world hard for us, said Rouhani, adding, “Their goal is to gather a team and they are using financing of terrorism as pretext”.

“Today, the entire world know that Iran has been both pioneer in fighting terrorism and a victim of terrorism since the beginning of the Revolution,” he said.

The President added, “Today, Iran has a very important role in fighting terrorism and ensuring security in the region”.

He went on to refer to the 4 bills on countering financing of terrorism, saying, “Everybody should know that Iran is at the forefront of combatting terrorism”.

Dr Rouhani continued, “Fortunately, the government has the parliament have done a great deal in ratifying these bills and we hope that the other institutions finalise their work and accelerate it so that we can foil American plots”.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has foiled the plots of the US with wise steps and we hope that we can foil this plot as well with the help of the related institutions”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said, “We can assure the world that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always fought terrorism and today, it will fight them financially and in other fields”.

He continued, “Comprehensive Bill on Elections was approved by the cabinet and it will be submitted to parliament for ratification next week”.

“Free and fair election is one of the important achievements of the Islamic Revolution and what we can use to compare the current states to the past is all people’s testimony by attending the elections in large numbers,” he said.

Stating that the drafting of the Transparency Bill is on the cabinet’s agenda, he said, “Transparency must be one of the greatest achievements of the Islamic Revolution”.

“The government is trying to let people know of everything that is happening in the country and we hope that we can have a healthier society through better, more accurate supervision,” he said.

news id: 107738

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