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President at the joint meeting of the Council of Ministers and Governor Generals:

Rulers’ thoughts, ideals should be in line with overwhelming majority of people/People’s opinion should be the basis for reform/We entered the space; minor issues to be resolved in a few months/Americans after maximum pressure due to concerns about Iranian nation’s capabilities

President said that the people of Iran are so smarter than what the enemies think, calling on ministers and governor-generals to work harder for resolving problems and evading US’ anti-Iranian sanctions.

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Wed 16 - January 2019 - 14:43

Speaking at the joint meeting of the Council of Ministers and governor-generals from around the country on Wednesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, “We should always keep in mind that rulers’ thoughts, ideals and opinions should be in line with the overwhelming majority of people”.

Stating that, “People’s opinion should be the basis for reform”, Dr Rouhani said, “This should be the case in a popular ruling system and democracy, which is one of the Islamic Revolution’s honours”.

He also said, “The people of Iran are much smarter than what the enemies think, but this does not mean that they have no problems”.

The President added, “People know well what the problems are and know the domestic and foreign roots of them well”.

“We were able to enter the space, and this is very good for agriculture, environment and acquiring the required information for protection of forests and pastures,” he said.

President went on to state, “Of course, there are still minor issues in this regard and they will be resolved in a few months”.

“Americans are concerned about the Iranian nation’s capabilities and that is why they are seeking to put maximum pressure, but these pressures will be fruitless”.

He said, “They themselves state that these pressures on Iran are unprecedented and they have put all their efforts in this, and if we want to divide the United States’ foreign policy, sometimes half of their efforts is exerted on this region, mostly the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

Dr Rouhani added, “The people of our dear Iran need to be sure that the government will not stand back a moment and it will use all its power to solve the problems”.

The President also said, “We need to hand over authorities to governor-generals as much as we can,” adding, “Banks should be obligated to sell their surplus properties”.

“We have to desalinate and sweeten seawater within the framework of environmental regulations,” said Rouhani.

Stating that, “Sanctions, monopoly and multiple rates create corruption,” the President also said, “The best way to fight corruption is transparency”.

Dr Rouhani went on to say, “Increasing access to information and the cyberspace is an honour for the government”.

“Filtering will become history,” he said, adding, “We need to take advantage of the modern technologies by relying on the law and morality”

“The foreign currency received for production should be monitored until the end,” he said, adding, “Central bank and all organs need to be coordinated in this regard”.

news id: 107687

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