Economic activities promising despite enemies’ pressures/Americans won’t reach their goals of stopping Iran’s oil export/Trade balance in past 9 months positive/We’ll never hesitate to boost our defensive power/I hope Americans learned from last year’s experience not to interfere in regional affairs

President described economic activities of the country promising and positive despite the enemies’ pressures, adding, “Americans won’t ever achieve their goal of preventing Iran from exporting its oil and its derivatives”.

Wed 02 - January 2019 - 12:36

Speaking during the meeting of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday morning, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran will powerfully continue the path of its oil exports”.

“In the past 9 months, our trade balance has been positive because of our $750m non-oil exports, which indicates that the activities of the economic executives and the private and public sectors have been successful,” he continued.

The President also said, “Based on the report by Minister of Petroleum, our oil sales have been continuing just as it was expected, but there are some minor issues that are solvable and will be solved soon”.

Referring to reports on employment, he said, “These figures show that in this year’s autumn, we have had 623 thousand net employment and this is promising given the current conditions of the country”.

“For the first time, our net employment rate has reached to almost 24 million people, while at the beginning of the current government’s term of office, 20.6 million people were employed in the country,” Dr Rouhani added.

On the achievements of the defence ministry, he said, “Minister of Defence presented a good report on achievements regarding mid-range, long-range, air-to-air, surface-to-sea, and sea-to-sea missiles, as well as drones”.

“We’ll never hesitate to boost our defensive power,” continued the President, adding, “One of the goals of the 11th and 12th government has been to boost the defensive power of the country and figures prove that this government has been a pioneer in this field”.

He also said that every opportunity should be used for the country’s prosperity, adding, “Of course, this does not mean that we are hoping for others’ help”.

Dr Rouhani went on to refer to regional issues by saying, “Recently, we have witnessed an important incident in the region”.

“Americans have been claiming from 2003 that they have saved Iraq and Afghanistan, but if they are right, then why don’t you make a public official visit to Iraq to see the streets of Iraq and Basra for yourself and how Iraqis welcome you?” he continued.

The President also said, “Entering a small military base at night and taking pictures with a few soldiers, having a short speech and then leaving Iraq two hours later means that you have been defeated”.

“This means that you have not been successful and you know that people of Iraq are dissatisfied with you and you do not have the guts to appear among them; let alone Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen, to which you do not dare to go to,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani also addressed US officials, saying, “I hope the White House has learned this lesson for 2019 not to interfere in the lives of other peoples, especially the people of Palestine and the Holy Quds, which is related to the World of Islam and all Muslims, and act within the framework of the law”.

“Our goal in the region is to have a fully secure and stable region and we want people to live under the government they themselves have chosen in a democracy,” said the President.

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