Economy ministry at forefront of resisting US plots/People’s large presence in Nov. 4 protest foiled new US plots/We have to hand over economy to people/Article 44 has to be literally implemented

Appreciating all people involved in the economy of the country, President described the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance as being at the forefront of fighting and resisting the conspiracies of the United States.

Mon 05 - November 2018 - 09:16

Speaking in a meeting with the deputies and managers of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance on Monday, President Hassan Rouhani said, “Among our country’s economic sectors, the economy ministry is at the forefront of this resistance and fight against US conspiracies”.

He also went on to appreciate people’s considerable and glorious presence in November 4 protests and added, “With their large presence and showing their readiness for unity, integrity and resistance, the Iranian nation foiled US plots”.

Dr Rouhani appreciated the work and services of Dr Karbasian during his tenure at the economy ministry and Mr Akrami for his term as the acting minister, saying, “Currently, our exchange and OTC have had a very good, constructive role. This is true that we have to transfer a part of responsibilities of banks to the capital market”.

Sanctions have helped the capital market, he said, adding, “The capital market has a heavy responsibility and can play a significant role during the time of sanctions, because they will be active as much as the banks are limited”.

“The more we can increase the gap between economy and the public sector, the more people will benefit from this. We need to hand over economy to people and if people and NGOs become active in helping the underprivileged, they will work better than the government”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say, “We can hand over economy to people and Article 44 of the Constitution has to be literally implemented”.

“With people’s help and unity, we have to make Americans understand that they cannot talk to the great Iranian nation with the language of pressure and sanctions. They have to be punished,” he continued.

The President added, “What the Americans are doing today is putting pressure merely on the people. Today, we are not the only one who are angry about US policies, even European companies and governments are angry about them”.

Dr Rouhani also said, “I don’t think any other administration in the history of the United States has been this much against the law and international treaties. They have all had breaches of the law, but these people are at the top of them all. I have not seen any administration in the White House as racist as these people and you cannot expect more from them”.

“This is not just us who want this term of US administration to become shorter and shorter, even their European allies tell me that this is one of their wishes. After that, they keep sending us messages for negotiation. You have to respect the deal that we reached after negotiation first. In my latest visit to New York, leaders of four countries were trying to mediate a negotiation with the current US President; while this does not need sending messages. You live up to your commitments and then we’ll talk”.

The president added, "We have no problem with talking, provided that the other party values its commitments and promises. If the other party pledges value to its commitments, negotiation is not a problem”.

"See how many countries are supporting the United States," said Dr Rouhani, emphasising that fortunately today, Americans are isolated more than any time before because of their recent breach of the law.

He said, “Today, the overwhelming majority of the countries around the world, except 2 or 3 countries, are supporting the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and this is a diplomacy victory for Iran”.

“The fact that today, the United States exempts 8 countries for buying Iran’s oil, while it explicitly said that it will reduce Iran’s oil sale to zero, is a victory for us. Of course, if they didn’t exempt these 8 countries, we would sell our oil,” Rouhani continued.

 The President added, “I have told leaders of all countries whom I met on the margins of UNGA that we will break the sanctions with honour, because these sanctions are unjust and against the law, treaties and UNSC resolutions”.

Based on Resolution 2231, all countries around the world are responsible to stand up to the US, he said, adding, “The fact that, except for 3 or 4 countries, the entire world stands by Iran and the US is isolated is unprecedented. This is a great victory for the great people of Iran”.

 “In what project were the Americans successful? The commercial war that it has started in the world will prove in the coming months to whose detriment it will be. It may have short-term profits for them, but in the long run, the US will suffer a loss”.

He added, “We support the peoples of the region with honour, but the US is proud of backing a regime that kills the people of Palestine every day, putting them under bombing. They are proud of supporting a regime that is killing the people of Yemen every day”.

Dr Rouhani continued, “The United States will definitely fail in the way that it has chosen against the Iranian nation. The “Death to America” slogan the people shout will be put into action. Its action is that we can put pressure on the United States so that they do not dare to continue following its plots”.

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