US baseless threats not worthy of response/More efforts for production, export a firm response to enemies' plots against Iranian nation/ICJ positive response to Iran's suit; we'll resist US plots at any stage/Dr Seif fought corruption with all his might

President Rouhani emphasised that empty, baseless threats of some rulers in the United States are not worth responding, and added: "We must respond to them in action".

Wed 25 - July 2018 - 12:38

"Iranian nation's steadfastness, unity, integrity and disregarding of their treats and plots and choosing the path of resisting and attempting to foil the enemies' plots are the most powerful response to the cheap remarks of US rulers," said the President on Wednesday at the meeting of the cabinet.

He also said: "The Iranian nation have opposed US rulers' stubbornness and mistreatment in all fields since the beginning, choosing the path of resistance and steadfastness".

Dr Rouhani also said: "The harder we work in the country for production and export, the stronger response we give to enemies' plots against the Iranian nation".

"In addition to its attempts inside the country, the government has started legal and international measures, one of which is filing a lawsuit against the US in International Justice Court (ICJ)," he continued.

 The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said: "US sanctions are inconsistent with resolutions and their previous commitments and it is Iran's right to file lawsuit against the United States with international judicial organs, and the Iranian government has filed a complaint with The Hague".

Stating that in the recent days the first success has been achieved in the course of the lawsuit, he said: "ICJ explicitly told the US that they have no right to do anything until Iran's complaint is looked into. ICJ also warned US Secretary of State that he should be careful about his plans an actions in this regard. This is a warning to the US by the world's highest legal reference".

We'll resist US, said the President adding: "Filing a complaint with the ICJ was the legal action. In the political field, this resistance continues and the fact that today an overwhelming majority of the countries around the world are calling US actions incorrect or condemning it or at least voicing regret, are signs of this resistance".

"In its attempts to foil the conspiracies of the US, if the government considers feels necessary, it will add fresh members to its group and with regard to this fact, today it was decided that Dr Hemmati be the new Governor of the Central Bank and I offer him my congratulations for receiving cabinet's vote of confidence," added the President.

On banking, President Rouhani said: "In the banking field, we need to work harder and cooperate with the world, and despite US conspiracies, our central bank has made good efforts in this regard".

He also went on to mention the Holy Defence era and said: "End of the war is another lesson for those who are picturing violating Iranian nation's rights. Everybody must know that the great Iranian nation will overcome this juncture alongside their Leader, which will be a lesson for the enemies and another honour for the great Iranian nation".

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also congratulated Imam Reza's (AS) birthday.

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