Respectful families of martyrs a source of honour, dignity for country/We need martyrs’ families’ praying for independence, prosperity

President Rouhani visited the family of two martyrs, Gholamreza and Mohammad Yasseri and praised their family’s patience.

Tue 17 - July 2018 - 22:46

In the visit that took place late on Tuesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani met with the martyrs’ mother and sisters and said: “It is an honour to have young people who are willing to give their lives for their country and families who are willing to devote their children, as their most valuable asset, in this way”.

He added: “You respectful families of martyrs did a great job and fulfilled your responsibility in the best way, and it is our turn to make attempts for the country’s independence and prosperity and in doing so, we need your praying”.

In this visit that Vice-President in Martyrs and Veterans Affairs Hojatoleslam Val-Moslemin Dr Shahidi was attending, a plaque of appreciation was presented to the mother and sisters of the martyrs.


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