Despite all psychological, economic attempts of Iran’s enemies, foreign and domestic currency income more than before/Allocating construction credits increased 22-fold/Banking system issues not related to sanctions, foreign pressure

Speaking at the meeting of the members of cabinet with Supreme Leader, President referred to enemy’s attempts to worry people about future and create inflation expectations, saying: “Despite all psychological and economic attempts of Iran’s enemies, our country’s foreign and domestic currency income has increased in the first three months of the current year compared to last year”.

Sun 15 - July 2018 - 20:36

“In construction field, credit has increased 22-fold in comparison to last year,” said President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday, and addressed Supreme Leader, adding: “We will do our best to operationalise what you said”.

Stressing that issues like the shortcomings of the banking system and liquidity are not related to sanctions and foreign pressures, Dr Rouhani mentioned government’s plans to solve the issues, adding: “Solving this issue is on the agenda of the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination and government’s Economic Board”.

He also said that full coordination between branches and organs was essential for thwarting Americans’ conspiracies.

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