Unveiling coordinated corruption by manipulating order placement process/President committed to transparency principle; gov’t to begin fighting corruption from itself/Strict instructions to 1st VP, legal affairs VP, 3 ministers

After receiving the report by the ministries of ‘Industry, Mines and Trade’, ‘Intelligence’, and ‘Economic Affairs and Finance’ and also ‘head of President’s Inspectorate Office’, on the issue of illegal import and sale of foreign cars, President Hassan Rouhani instructed his vice-presidents and ministers to look into the issue.

Sun 15 - July 2018 - 07:48

The President issued new instructions to the three ministries and his Vide-President in Legal Affairs to follow up the issue and called on head of Judiciary to work on the case meticulously, out of turn and the offenders be held accountable, their assets and illegitimate enormous profits return back to the treasury.

In his report addressing people, Dr Rouhani stressed: “Now, with the efforts of executive authorities and based on reviewing a set of reports we can speak of the likelihood of a corruption by manipulating the process of order placement through cooperation with a number of state agents, a computer company and a number of automobile importing companies”.

He has also instructed First Vice-President to prioritise following up “management of conflicts of interest in public services” and “transparency” bills to stop such breaches and rooting out structural corruption and its perpetrators, sending them to the Islamic Consultative Assembly as soon as possible.

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