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President at the meeting of development and the elite of East Azerbaijan province:

Whenever people are, state succeeds/It's war of will; despair at future biggest threat for a nation/We sign pacts based on national interests/Successful foreign policy means increasing enemies' expenses/If US violates JCPOA it will have to pay highest prices

President Rouhani said that resolving problems were possible only through effort and proper tapping of opportunities, saying: "Today, it is the war of will and despair at future is the biggest threat for a nation".

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Tue 24 - April 2018 - 20:00

Speaking at the meeting of development and the elite of East Azerbaijan province on Tuesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani said: "A successful foreign policy means increasing enemies' expenses and if the United States violated the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), they will pay the highest price and Iran will pay the lowest price".

The President also added: "Azerbaijan people's kindness, spirituality and freedom always fills me with high spirit".

Stating that "The role of the people of Tabriz was very decisive in the victory of the Islamic Revolution," he continued: "All the successes of the government are the result of people's support, trust and hope".

"Overcoming hurdles and problems are possible only through effort and proper tapping of opportunities," added Dr Rouhani.

He also went on to say: "Interference of powers in history is the indicator of Iran and Iranians' high position in the region".

The President also said: "When the Islamic Republic achieved victory, one of high-ranking British official said that the revolution would not last more than six months but today, it has been 40 years that the Iranian nation has stood against many conspiracies".

"Someday the US government may take decisions against us, which is not likely to be very important or have any effects, because the Iranian nation has stood against bigger plots in the past 40 years," he continued.

Dr Rouhani also added: "It has been for months that debates revolve around the US President's decision regarding the JCPOA and I clearly announce that we sign pacts based on national interests".

"If one day the JCPOA is cancelled, we have plans in response, but if one day the US wants to violate the JCPOA it will pay the highest political and moral price at international level," he continued.

Rouhani also added: "Mr Trump has been saying from the beginning that it will exit the JCPOA and this has been the worst agreement for the US, but he is signing it every time, announcing that next time it won't do it. The fact that it hasn't been able to do anything in this regard is because of the high price it will have for the US. Of course, anything may happen but without a doubt, the US will pay the highest price".

"The JCPOA split Europe's way from the US and this is a victory for the Iranian nation," added the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, saying: "Trump is a good milker of the wealth of the countries of the region by using the pretext of Iran being dangerous".

The President also said: "It is important that today, all countries of the world, except for the Zionist Regime and one or two small countries in the region emphasise that the JCPOA must stand and if the US exits it, it will make a grave mistake"

He continued: "For the government, interests of 81 million Iranians have priority over small some-thousand- member groups".

Stating that "If we stay together, our country will not face a big problem in any circumstances," Dr Rouhani said: "Investment by Iranians living outside the country in charity and production is very valuable".

He also went on to say: "The government started working with people's support and it will continue its path," adding that "I work on the same basis that I promised in my campaign".

news id: 104048

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