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President after the meeting of heads of the three branches:

Harmony, coordination between branches the road to success in all affairs/People’ foreign currency needs to be met/This year gov’t will take better steps for employment/All three branches unanimous on attracting investment, ensuring its security

The first convention of the heads and officials of Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches was held late on Sunday, hosted by the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

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Sun 22 - April 2018 - 21:46

After the meeting that took three hours, the President said to reporters: “This meeting in the beginning of the new year was a very good opportunity for harmony between the three branches and we discussed all problems and issues and demands of people”.

President Hassan Rouhani also said: “Because of less rainfall, this year our country is facing water shortage and we discussed it in this meeting”.

“We also discussed regional issues and topics such as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) due to the possibility that there may be breach of promise, which we must have plans for,” continued Rouhani.

 He also added: “In this meeting, the government voiced its opinion to the representatives of the Majlis and high-ranking judicial officials and we formed a task force for water shortage, which will make decisions in this regard”.

On the latest foreign currency issues, Dr Rouhani addressed people: “Be completely sure that the government will provide the required foreign currency for import and services that need foreign currency”.

“This is a new condition and we need a set of regulations for some of them, which will be drafted in these meetings,” he added.

The President also referred to employment and plans for it, saying: “People must be sure that this year is a year that the government will take better steps in employment”.

Stating that last year 790,000 net jobs were generated, he continued: “God willing, this year we will be in better conditions in this regard and we will try to attract investment in the housing sector this year”.

“The government has taken good steps this year for environment and people will feel its effects, one of them being renovation of the fleet of old vehicles,” he continued.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say: “The Islamic Consultative Assembly has made good decisions in the budget for resolving the dust issue and we will implement this decision to have better environmental conditions”.

He also described harmony and coordination between branches as the road to success in all affairs, saying: “One of the issues that the three branches were unanimous in was security of investment, attracting investment and removing obstacles in this regard, and the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches are determined to remove these obstacles”.

news id: 103989

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