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President at senior gov't officials' convention:

We'll overcome domestic, foreign issues if we satisfy people instead of threatening/Being revolutionary means solving people's problems, satisfying them/No supervisory organ has right to interfere I executive affairs/Managers mustn't pay attention to illegal letters, threats

President stated that, "Being revolutionary means solving people's problems and satisfying them", underscoring: "Serving people is the highest honour for managers and if we satisfy people instead of threatening them, we will overcome any domestic and foreign problem".

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Sat 21 - April 2018 - 10:43

Speaking at the convention of senior government officials on Saturday, Dr Hassan Rouhani said: "A manager who is afraid of others' frowning or phone calls when carrying out its duties is better to step aside".

"Shaban is the month of the Prophet (PBUH) and blessings from God," he stated, saying: "The highest benefit that one can get from Shaban month is serving people".

He also went on to say: "People are members of God's family; let us believe that managing our country's affairs is people's right".

Stating that "Being people's servant is the highest honour", the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said: "If somebody considers themselves higher than people's servant, they have not understood the meaning of religious democracy".

He added: "Anybody who does not respect people is a usurper of that position," saying: "The spirit of serving people is what must be considered when doing background check".

Dr Rouhani also went on to say: "If treating people has not improved, then it means that the Revolution has been derailed".

"Let us learn brotherhood, unity and loyalty towards each other from H.H. Abol-Fazl Al-Abbas," he continued, saying: "We have sat on the seat of law and the highest responsibility in the country is on the shoulders of the executive branch".

The President also said: "Farmers and people understand draught, before authorities and the government's responsibility is to programme and implement, not advise".

Stating that "Quicker implementation of e-government will decrease corruption," Rouhani added: "Do not make people run floor to floor in offices to get their work done".

"Decreasing corruption is only possible through planning and control," he continued, saying: "In this year's budget, performance of organs will be the base for allocation".

He added: "The path of 1397 budget must continue to allow people to monitor budget allocation".

"The cyberspace and social media are an opportunity for public supervision and enjoining what is right," continued the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say: "Information and criticism are people's rights".

"It was necessary to announce a unified exchange rate and disconnect bureaux de change and dealers in the distribution of currency," he said, adding that disruptions in the foreign exchange market had domestic and foreign factors.

He continued: "The recent government decision on currency was made with the consensus of experts and economic officials".

Dr Rouhani also added: "Importers of basic goods should be confident about their required foreign currency," saying that the maximum difference in the price of a currency should be about 5% per year.

"To support Iranian goods, raw materials must be supplied to the producers," he continued, adding: "I assure all exporters to be confident about depositing their currency to the central bank".

The President also said: "High quality and competitive price are a must for supporting Iranian goods," stating that "Banks should provide loans to domestic producers at the earliest time".

Dr Rouhani also said: "Instead of raising the tax on producers, get taxes from those who do not pay their taxes," continuing: "The Ministry of Economy should inform people of what economic sectors do not pay tax".

Stating that "Confronting smuggling and the recent decisions on foreign exchange are effective in supporting Iranian goods," the President said: "In the recent foreign exchange system, we have been strict on smugglers and those who take capital out of the country".

The recent foreign exchange decision will foil the enemies' plots, he stated, adding: "Whether the JCPOA stands or not; with or without the United States, we will have stability in the foreign exchange market".

He also went on to say: "We have plans for any new conditions regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)".

"In case of violation of the JCPOA by any of the sides, the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran has plans, some of which they know and some others they don't," continued Dr Rouhani.

Saying that "Jump in employment is the goal of 1397 budget," he also stated: "Rural employment loan must be allocated until mid-May-June".

President Rouhani added: "State organs will allocate lands for the new plans aimed at transforming the housing sector".

In the new housing scheme, we will give a 6-per cent loan to first-time buyers, he continued, adding: "We will work in the path of complete renovation of the fleet of old vehicles".

He continued: "We are considering all options for improving the environment".

"The Healthcare Reform Plan is an honour for the 11th government and I appreciate all people at work to make it done," President Rouhani said, adding: "Plan and Budget Organisation (PBO) must give priority to health and employment".

He also said: "The cyberspace is a bed for generating employment," adding that "People's more peaceful, better life is the main responsibility of the authorities".

"Have 100 per cent confidence about the future of the country and the Revolution because people stand strong for independence, freedom and the Islamic Republic".

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said: "If we bridge the gaps and maintain integrity and brotherhood, we will make progress".

news id: 103960

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