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President in a message to int'l conference on Persian language, Iranian-Islamic thoughts about Attar of Nishabur:

Persian language a part of Iran's history, World of Islam's culture, civilisation/Attar's poetry, prose the language of dialogue/Presenting Iranian thoughts, legacy in up-to-date, global language essential

President Rouhani described Persian language as a part and historical attachment of Iran and a part of the World of Islam's culture and civilisation.

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Mon 16 - April 2018 - 18:54

President Hassan Rouhani sent a message to the Conference on Persian Language and Iranian-Islamic Thoughts about Attar of Nishabur and wrote: "Persian language and Iranian-Islamic thoughts is replete with live scientific and cultural sources and elements, which not only sheds light on our legacy, but also illuminates our future and shows us the way".

In the message that was read out by the Minister of Islamic Culture and Guidance, Dr Rouhani wrote: "I hope that with the efforts and attempts by all scientific, cultural and research institutions, new opportunities will be created for our thoughts, legacy, distinguished figures and intellectuals to be presented to the world in an up-to-date, global language".

news id: 103914

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