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President at the meeting of authorities and ambassadors of Islamic countries to Iran with Supreme Leader:

Today's world, region suffer from lack of morality/US aggression in region has no result but destruction, annihilation/Iran backs oppressed peoples in region, world/Enemies' plots always foiled by Iranian nation through persistence, wisdom

President Rouhani stated that by taking advantage of the morality and manners of the great Prophet of Islam (PBUH), unity and integrity no danger threats our country and we will overcome problems with the guidance of the Supreme Leader.

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Sat 14 - April 2018 - 16:01

Speaking on Saturday at the meeting of authorities and ambassadors of Islamic countries to Iran with Supreme Leader, President Hassan Rouhani said: "Today the Islamic Republic of Iran, is ready in economic and political fields, as well as diplomacy and nuclear activities and will foil any plot by the enemies".

He also congratulated the holiday of the First Revelation of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and said: “Revelation kindled the humankind that had been waiting for the annunciation of Christianity for centuries and years”.

Stating that the Prophet was the first person whose companions would go to in hard times, the President said: “He was the highest authority in science, knowledge, worship, and blessing and was the kindest person towards people”.

What today’s world and region is suffering from is the lack of morality, said Rouhani adding: “All political and military crises in the world are rooted in morality, or else how are all international principles are ignored and some attack an independent country that enjoys free governance and people without the permission of the United Nations and before a UN group investigates the chemical weapons situation in Syria”.

He also posed the question of haven’t the US, the Zionist Regime and their supporters, especially the UK and France, learned lessons from incidents that happened in the region 17 years ago, Dr Rouhani said: “The US aggression will have no result in the region except for destruction and annihilation and they want to justify their presence in the region with these aggressions”.

“They are angry today because the terrorist groups that they support have failed in Eastern Ghouta,” he continued.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say: “The people of Syria have stood against the aggressors for years and will continue to resist. The Islamic Republic of Iran has always supported –and will continue to support- the oppressed peoples in the region and the world and responses positively to the call of help coming from the governments of the region to fight terrorism”.

The plots of enemies against the Iranian nation have always been foiled through people’s persistence and wisdom, he said, adding: “This time, the enemies intended to disrupt the affairs in our country through economic plots but they were not successful and I appreciated unity and integrity of all powers, institutions and media in confronting the recent plots”.

“Without a doubt, the guidance of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution have helped the government,” Dr Rouhani added.

Referring to the fact that the Iranian nation have failed the enemies in their recent economic plots, the President said: “Today, the state and government of the Islamic Republic of Iran are ready in economic and political fields, as well as diplomacy and nuclear activities more than ever and will kill any conspiracy by the enemies”.

news id: 103890

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