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President at the meeting of the economic board of the government:

All organs follow CBI in implementing currency instructions/Producers, importers plan their work with ease; currency market stable/Concerns for price hike dismissed by providing all required currency for domestic production

The meeting of the Economic Board of the Government was held on Thursday with Dr Rouhani chairing it, and discussed and approved instructions for implementation of the recently-introduced policies.

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Thu 12 - April 2018 - 14:55


Stressing the importance of transparency in the currency market and said: “With regard to the recent decisions made in the government for managing the currency market, all organs are required to follow the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) in precisely implementing the instructions”.

Dr Rouhani also referred to the recent policies of the government, saying: “Economic organs must cooperate with supervising organs in implementing the forwarded instructions and follow them seriously”.

“The advantage of the new currency policy is that producers and importers can decide and plan for the future with ease and confidence in the stable currency market,” he continued.

The President added: “With regard to the fact that all currency needs for domestic producers will be provided, concerns for increase in the price of goods have been dismissed”.

news id: 103874

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