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President at Mehrabad Airport:

Syria’s future belongs to the country’s future/Global community must back Syrian people’s wish/No military solution to Syria/Bilateral, regional issues to be discussed in the summit

President Rouhani stressed the fight against terrorism in Syria and stated that the issue of Syria must be resolved through inclusive, fair and free talks within the framework of the Syrian people’s wish, saying: “The future of the Syrian people belongs to their own and the global community must support the Syrian people’s wish”.

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Tue 03 - April 2018 - 22:08


Speaking at Mehrabad Airport on Tuesday before leaving Tehran for Ankara, President Hassan Rouhani said: “In this visit, which is taking place at the official invitation of the President of Turkey, the issue that is going to be discussed is Syria and the future of this country”.

“This is the second summit of the heads of state of Russia, Iran and Turkey on Syria. The first summit was held in Sochi, Russia, following which a congress was held between the opposition and the pro-government forces as an important step in the future of Syrian and democracy in this country,” he continued.

He added: “In fact, this is the continuation of the Astana process, in which a lot of effort was devoted to ease tension in Syria and four tension-easing regions were identified and Iran, Russia, Turkey and the Syrian forces are active in each”.

He also referred to ethnic and racial divisions and foreign intervention in Syria, saying: “Unfortunately, some powers are still backing terrorists and the American forces, who are seeking to not let the Syrian government to fully deploy in all regions of the country, are still present in eastern regions of the country”.

“The intervention of Zionist forces has added to the Syrian crisis and they do not respect national sovereignty of Syria, bomb Syria and support terrorist,” he continued.

Stressing that the Syrian issue does not have military solution, Dr Rouhani added: “In the Wednesday meeting, Iran will also emphasise that the Syrian issue does not have a military solution and must be solved through political solutions and inclusive, fair and free talks”.

“It is true that ISIS has suffered a fundamental loss in Syria but other terrorist groups are still active in Syria and the fight against them must be continued,” he continued.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said: “The future of Syria belongs to the people of this country and it is the Syrian people who must decide for their own future and the global community must support this wish of the Syrian people”.

“We believe that the presence of foreign forces in Syria without the consent of the government of the country is illegal and irrational and it must be stopped,” he added.

He also went on to say: “We have very important issues to discuss in bilateral and regional fields with Russia and Turkey, which will be discussed in bilateral discussions”.

news id: 103732

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