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President at cabinet session:

Iranian nation always decides based on its national interests/ Criticism, protest in all affairs people's right; its way should lead to solving country's problems, improve people's lives/ Criticism different from violence, destruction of public property/ Gov't, people to solve problems together/ One who calls Iranian nation terrorist, has no right to sympathize with our people

"The Iranian people have always understood the sensitive conditions of the country, the region and the world and decide based on their national interests," the president said, describing the conspiracies of the enemies of Iran.

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Sun 31 - December 2017 - 22:00

Dr Hassan Rouhani chaired the regular weekly cabinet session and expressed congratulations to all Muslims and Christians around the world and the Iranian nation on the birthday of Jesus Christ (PBUH) and the start of the New Year.

Mentioning that in recent days we have been witnessing protests in some parts of our beloved country, he said: "It should be clear to everyone that we are a free nation and, based on the constitution and citizenship rights, people are completely free in expressing criticisms and even their protests, but at the same time, we must pay attention to the way in which criticism and protest should be made to lead to better conditions for the country and people's lives".

"The solution to some of these issues is not easy and it is time-consuming, and the government and the nation must join hands in solving these problems," the president emphasised.

"The government and people must join hands and help each other, but people's criticism is not just about the economy, but rather they have things to say about corruption and transparency and say that things should be transparent," Dr Rouhani continued.

Pointing out that people want things in the legislative, executive, judicial and other sectors of the country to be clearly explained to them, in order to be able to make accurate judgments, the President said: "It is reckless to direct all criticisms of people towards the executive branch".

The president also added: "People have criticisms about fighting corruption more seriously and that why some things are not explained to them well".

Dr Rouhani stated: "Criticism about all affairs of the country is the right of the people, and we believe that the state and the country belong to the people, and people must express what they want."

Emphasising that criticism is completely different from violence and destruction of public property, he said: "While we welcome criticism, and the responsible authorities of the country should provide the ground for people's legitimate criticism and protest and even their demonstrations and legal gatherings, which is their right, but at the same time, we should not allow formation of an atmosphere in which revolution supporters and the people are concerned about their lives and their security".

Arguing that the correct and selective way to express criticism should be a completely rational, precise, and legal, and ultimately lead to reform, he stated: "If the way chosen to express criticism causes doubt and concern in people for their lives, business , travel and investment, and makes our enemies happy, then it is certainly a wrong way".

He also went on to refer to the happiness of the enemies of the revolution and said: "The man in the United States, who wants to sympathise with our people today, has forgotten that a few months ago, he called the Iranian nation terrorist; this person, who is against the Iranian nation head to toe, has no right to sympathise with Iranian people".

These days some Arab states in the region, who have never had good relations with the Iranian people, are extremely happy, said Rouhani, adding: "We must pay attention to the fact that whether this way of protest is precise and in the interest of the people, or others!?"

The president also described national security, peace and national solidarity, unity and brotherhood in Iran as the greatest asset in the region, and emphasised: "In our country, all ethnic and religious groups live together like brothers, and during the elections, people showed how much they are sensitive about national interests and the future of their country ".

"People's expectations and demands are right and proper, but if we choose a way to express our demands, it not acceptable that some enter and express wrong, false, malicious and trouble-making things that make the enemies happy and people concerned; so everyone should pay attention to this," continued Dr Rouhani.

The president continued saying that the government is committed to its promises, saying: "Of course, this does not mean that the problems of the people have been resolved and the people have no problems today, but all the social and economic indices show that our country has taken steps since 4 years ago".

Dr Rouhani said: "Today, our situation has improved in fields such as healthcare, economic stability, the situation of the villages and helping the very poor, compared to the past. With regard to sanctions and Iran's national rights and influence on regional stability and security, we now have different conditions, but it does not mean that all people's problems have been resolved".

"It is true that steps have been taken, but the decline in people's purchasing power since 5-6 years ago has not yet been completely compensated; people have problems and these problems must be solved," he added.

"We have air, water, employment, and economic, social and political problems in the country," said the president, adding that they needed to be resolved.

Dr Rouhani also emphasised that everybody must help each other and all classes and factions should feel that the national broadcasting corporation is their own, adding: "Everyone should feel that they are present in the national media and can express their opinions. People should feel that they can express themselves in the media".

He stressed, "But at the same time, the government will definitely not tolerate any group that wants to destroy public property, disrupt the social order or create chaos in society".

The president said: "Criticism must be expressed in clear language, but it should be noted that people also want peace and security," adding: "Our people want conditions in which they can invest better, but if we are in an unrest, will our employment rate increase and people's economic situation get better?"

Dr Rouhani added: "Today, the US government faces a lot of problems inside their country, causing the American people to worry about their political and social conditions."

Dr Rouhani said that from the first day in the White House, the US President has carried out actions against the Iranian nation and continues to make problems for visas and financial and banking issues, adding: "The person who is working against the Iranian nation every day cannot be sympathetic to the Iranian nation; also, those couple of Arab states of the region that have been working against the Iranian nation during these years cannot be sympathetic towards the Iranian nation."

The president continued: "I thank all security and law enforcement officials who did not act violently and have kept their patience towards people."

He also addressed the ministers, deputies and all officials of the executive branch, saying: "You must inform the people on a daily basis, and if a problem arises, people should be informed about it".

Dr Rouhani said: "What we want today from our young people is that we should be more vigilant in the current sensitive conditions of the region and the country."

Pointing out that in the past few weeks groups of people have expressed their opinion about their problems, Dr Hassan Rouhani said: "The problems and issues, which are related to a group of people in the country, should be explained within a legal framework, but choosing other ways can be dangerous for our country, our security and our future, and I'm sure people prefer legal and logical way".

The President went on to state that we should not let a condition in the country for the enemy to use it to its own advantage, saying: "The way to achieve such a goal is people's help, presence, and paying attention to the future and the results".

"I have no doubt that our government, as what the people have chosen, can easily solve many of the problems with their help and it needs patience because some of these problems are time-consuming," he continued.

Dr Rouhani also expressed hope that we would witness a collective effort to build a better Iran and solve our problems with each other's help.

news id: 102233

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