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President referring to Supreme Leader's latest remarks:

Being revolutionary means bridging gaps, generating hope, helping country's material, spiritual development/ Solving people's problems main gov't priority

President Rouhani believed that the main audience of the recent remarks by the Supreme Leader were authorities, elite and the media stressing: "Today, the most important scale for calling someone revolutionary is bridging gaps, generating hope and contributing to the country's material and spiritual development".

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Thu 28 - December 2017 - 14:21

"Following the authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran in regional and international stages, the enemies of our revolution are desperately attempting to kill the hope in people about the future sow discord, and undermine the social support of our state, and it is imperative that everyone stays vigilant against this conspiracy and the elite attempt to enlighten the society, especially the younger generation," Dr Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday morning at a meeting of the government's economic board, referring to the remarks of the Supreme Leader yesterday.

The head of the Supreme National Security Council called for national solidarity to strengthen the internal structure of the state and the country's rapid progress, saying: "Sowing any kind of discord among the branches and authorities, magnifying the shortcomings and inadequacies, as well as promoting despair in the public opinion about the country's future means walking down the 'line of confrontation' and the path designed by the enemies of our Islamic Iran".

Dr Rouhani called for constructive, compassionate criticism within the framework of the law as an essential part of reform, development and dynamism in management, adding: "Defamation and slander lay the ground for division and, undoubtedly, the greatest component of national power is unity among ethnic groups, religions and different classes of society for realization of evolutionary and national aspirations".

In another part of his remarks, the president spoke about the country's economy, including the main features of the budget bill of year 1397, saying: "The government, with the support of the Supreme Leader and public, considers solving people's living problems and economy as its top priorities, while pursuing general policies of Resilience Economy, targeting production and employment".

Dr Rouhani emphasised that to solve economic problems needs being realistic and coordination between the branches and institutions, continuing: "Reducing dependence on oil, developing economic diplomacy, increasing exports, and increasing production and employment are the five pillars of the government's economic plans".

The president also went on to appreciate the clear and unity-building statements of the Supreme Leader, and said: "With maximum transparency in the budget and economic affairs of the country, we will take the biggest step in combatting corruption and inefficiency, and there will no longer be any ground for those who are accused of corruption and abuse of facilities to conceal their misconduct behind political quarrels".

news id: 102214

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