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President at cabinet session:

Jesus Christ's (PBUH) birthday reminds us of divine teachings of the prophet of monotheism, spirituality, affection/Allocating 1,030 bn rls of loans to quake-hit areas in Kerman

President Rouhani chaired the cabinet session and congratulated the birthday of Jesus Christ (PBUH) to all followers of divine religions, describing him a great prophet.

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Sun 24 - December 2017 - 20:56

At the session that was held late on Sunday, President Hassan Rouhani said: "God has described Jesus Christ's (PBUH) birth from virgin Mary (SA) as an example of His miracles".

The President added: “Jesus Christ’s (PBUH) birthday is a happy day not only for Christians, but also for Muslims, and reminds us of the divine teachings of the prophet of monotheism, spirituality and affection”.

He also expressed hope that the followers of divine religions take advantage of the teachings of the prophets to create a more secure, stable and advanced society.

The Council of Ministers also agreed on allocating 1,030 billion rls of inexpensive loans to those hit by the recent earthquake in Kerman province.

The cabinet also agreed on the framework of facilitating paperless trans-border trade in Asia and Oceania.

news id: 102175

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