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President at SCCR session:

US President's mistake united Muslims on Quds, Palestine more/Today we are witnessing a new Palestinian intifada, movement against Zionist Regime/Emphasising need for more unity in seminary, university

President Hassan Rouhani chaired the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution (SCCR) on Tuesday and reported on the recent extraordinary OIC summit in Istanbul and said: "Heads of participating states spoke with a harsh tone against the new American and Zionist conspiracy; a tone that was rare in the past".

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Tue 19 - December 2017 - 21:20

Dr Rouhani added: "The mistake of the US president in announcing movement of the US embassy to the Holy Quds made the Muslims more united on the issue of Quds and Palestine, and the issue of Quds, which was partly becoming a second important issue in recent years, has returned to its original position".

"It was a plot against Palestine, Quds, and the World of Islam, which has so far had a reverse result for those who have hatched it, and today we are witnessing a new intifada and a new movement by the Palestinian people against the Zionist Regime," continued the President.

Referring to the anniversary of the formation of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, the President stated: "It is very appropriate for us to assess and monitor the actions and work of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution in these days and evaluate how much we have been able to take better steps forward on the path to the development of the country and the world."

Dr Rouhani, also mentioned the fact that today communication has undergone a shift and has led to a widespread intellectual and scientific communication in the world, saying: "These conditions require the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution to work to meet the expectations of society and improve academic and scientific issues and make serious decisions".

"The process and methods of our actions must be such that the more effective decisions are made, so that the expectations of the Supreme Leader, people, universities and those working in cultural fields will be provided", the President added.

Dr Rouhani stated: "One of the important tasks of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution is to examine cultural issues and the process of scientific and academic issues and make the necessary decisions on the path to improvement of the situation".

Referring to the 27th anniversary of Martyr Mofatteh's martyrdom, and the days of unity of the university and the seminary, the President emphasised the need for closer ties between the two institutions, and said: "Martyrs Beheshti, Motahari and Mofatteh were among the forerunners of closer relationship between the seminary and the university".

Dr Rouhani went on to say: "The Islamic Movement and Revolution were very effective in bringing the seminary and the university closer, and this relationship should be continued very firmly".

At the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, other sections of the document on international scientific and technological cooperation of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the aim of strengthening the communication and interaction of science and technology on the national and international fields and providing the appropriate groundwork for exchanging various fields of science and technology in the world were reviewed.

news id: 102111

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