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President in a meeting with his Turkish counterpart:

Tehran welcomes deepening bilateral, multilateral, regional ties with Turkey/Integrity at Istanbul summit generated hope in Muslims about Palestine/Tehran, Ankara have close views in fight against terrorism in region

President Rouhani stressed that Tehran was ready to develop bilateral, multilateral and regional relations with Turkey, and said: "Iran welcomes Turkish investors' participation".

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Wed 13 - December 2017 - 22:09

Speaking with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Dr Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday in Istanbul: "It is essential that the agreement on business transaction with national currencies of the two countries be implemented as soon as possible".

He also referred to the recent decision by the President of the United States as something that saddened all Muslims and advocates of freedom in the world, adding: "It was expected that a salve be put on the wound that Muslims have been suffering from for years but Washington's move was exactly the opposite side and against the will of the Muslims".

On the conspiracies of the Americans and Zionists against the World of Islam, the President said: "Fortunately, all Muslims around the world showed their feelings in defending the holy land of Palestine and stood against this anti-Islamic conspiracy".

He also appreciated the President of Turkey for holding the extraordinary summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), saying: "This summit generated hope in the Muslims of the world about the issue of Palestine and the way started today, must continue unanimously to not let the US operationalize such a decision".

Our cooperation must continue to strengthen security and stability in Syria, Dr Rouhani added, saying: "The countries of the region, especially Iran and Turkey, must have long-term cooperation in fighting terrorism in the region".

He also referred to good relations between Iran and Turkey in recent years, adding: "The Sochi summit proved that we can take good steps in settling the problems of the region".

"Tehran and Ankara have close views on the issue of fighting terrorism in the region and its security and stability," continued Rouhani.

At the same meeting, the President of Turkey also referred to the participation of heads of OIC member states in large numbers and expressed hope that the unity among Islamic countries help take better steps in securing the rights of the Palestinian people.

He also stressed the need to develop Tehran-Ankara ties more than before, saying: "Cooperation between the two countries must develop in all fields of mutual interest".

Erdogan also referred to cooperation between the two countries in fighting terrorism, adding: "We must root out terrorism in the region with more cooperation".

news id: 102035

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