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President while handing over 1397 budget bill to parliament:

First budget bill of 12th Administration being presented to Majlis on time/Key framework of presidential campaign promises manifested in the bill/Transparency, payment based on performance the base of the bill/We will defend Palestinian people's rights as a sacred cause; US, Zionist Regime won't succeed

President Rouhani referred to the budget bill of year 1397 of the country as the manifestation of all frameworks and main promises of the 12th Administration during the presidential campaign, saying: "This year's budget bill is completely different from the budget bills of the previous years and it is not only a list of incomes and expenses, but a slice of the government's four-year plan".

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Sun 10 - December 2017 - 09:05

While handing over 1397 budget bill to the Islamic Consultative Assembly on Sunday, Dr Rouhani said :"Employment, economic growth, eliminating of poverty, decreasing inequalities, and jump start in main, important plans and the presence of the private sector were the main promises during the presidential campaign that have been considered in this budget bill".

Stating that the first budget bill of the 12th Administration has been presented to the parliament on time, he said: "We hope that the parliament will finish reviewing the budget bill until the mid-January".

"Budget must be allocated based on results not last year's expenses," said Rouhani adding that 100% of the budget for provinces was concerned with projects.

He also said that the budget bill was primarily concerned with eliminating concentration of the expenses from Tehran, adding: "The Plan and Budget Organisation has a heavy monitoring responsibility".

Stating that if the past practices continue, we will reach a stalemate in the future, the President continued: "We have considered all main challenges of the country in the budget bill".

"Planning the budget must be scientific, operational and capable of being evaluated," said President Hassan Rouhani.

He also referred to the 11th Administration's efforts in increasing growth in the country, and said: "The growth rate has been positive since the beginning of the 11th Administration's term of office and we will continue to harness inflation".

"In the first two seasons of this year, 750,000 new jobs have been generated compared to last year," said Rouhani adding that next year, 840,000 new work force will enter the job market.

He also went on to say that resources predicted in the budget bill, the National Development Fund and loans will be concentrated on generating new jobs, adding: "If this bill is approved by the parliament the way it is, next year we will witness a jump start towards generating employment".

He continued: "The housing market can be the forerunner of employment and from last winter, a positive process in the housing market has been started".

"The result of borrowing from the Central Bank and people's pockets for Mehr Housing Scheme was the 43-per cent inflation," Dr Rouhani continued, adding that investors, people and the private sector must have a pivotal role in the housing sector and the government must only support and monitor them.

"A flourishing economy requires extensive interaction with the world," he said, adding: "We have restored security and stability to the region in regional relations and interaction".

"We kiss the hands of the warriors of Islam and the resistance, who disappointed the Global Arrogance and Zionism, and restored security to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon," said Dr Rouhani, adding: "God willing, Yemen will also be safe in the future and all efforts have been made to bring back security to the region".

"I do not intend to say that all security issues have been resolved and over, but the main bases of terrorism in the region have collapsed and a great deal has been done," Dr Rouhani continued.

The president added: "Today is the day we must be active in this region economically, politically and culturally. We need to be active in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and all neighbouring countries in the region and in Asia. So we need a development in export and a large part of the employment problem will also be achieved through non-oil exports".

Emphasising that today the region is safer and more secure, Dr Rouhani said: "If there is a country in our region and our neighbourhood, which is unfortunately talking a lot and its words are illogical, we have no problem with that country either".

"If Saudi Arabia, as a neighbouring country, stops the bombing of Yemen from tomorrow, stops bowing to Israel and stands straight and relies on its own people and the region, then we will have no problems with them," he stressed.

The president said that if Saudi Arabia stops the inhumane bombing of Yemen and stops begging for a false friendship with Zionism, we have no problem and we can re-establish our relations, saying: "It is them who should start this".

Dr Rouhani stressed: "We declare to the world that our relations with the world is in accordance with our pledge; we do not break our promises; we are not America; we sign a contract hard, but if we sign anything, we keep our promises".

Saying that we are Muslims, Iranians and have a high culture, he continued: "We tell Europe, the United States and other countries that we will keep our promises until they do. We have not been, and will not be, the first party to violate the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Of course, if one day they want to violate it, we have no worries and have predicted the necessary response".

The president said that the JCPOA has made it easier to invest and use foreign finance, saying: "We have good contracts with governments and Asian and European banks, and today we have tens of billions of dollars worth of credit for us to use and exploit".

At the end of his speech, the President referred to the issue of the Holy Quds and stated: "The new conspiracy of the United States against the Holy Quds is the consequence of failure in regional policies and we will not remain silent towards it".

"Today, the Americans have started a new conspiracy with the help of the Zionists and that is aggression towards the Holy Quds," said the President adding: "I announce to the great Iranian nation that we have never remained -and will not remain- silent against the conspiracies of major world powers, the United States and the Global Arrogance and the conspiracies of Zionism, and we will do whatever we can to support the innocent, oppressed people of Palestine and the Holy Quds, which is the land of Muslims, where the Prophet ascended from".

He continued: "Defending the Holy Quds and the rights of the Palestinian people have been the sacred cause of the Muslims and Iranians in all our moments, today, and future, and the United States and Zionism will not be successful in this conspiracy, and the Islamic nations will free the first qibla of Muslims one day, God willing".

news id: 101943

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