Iran considers peace, stability, sustainable security in Afghanistan beneficial to region/Stressing the need for vigilance towards enemy plots, sowing discord

President Rouhani stressed the need for the nations and governments of the region to be vigilant towards the conspiracies and attempts to sow discords by the enemies, emphasising development of ties between Iran and Afghanistan.

Thu 23 - November 2017 - 23:08

President Hassan Rouhani had a phone call with the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai late on Thursday and appreciated the Afghan government and nation for their  sympathy over the recent earthquake in Kermanshah and said: "We should always stand by each other".

Dr Rouhani also referred to terrorist attacks on Afghanistan and the killing of its people as regrettable and said: "Fortunately, the government of Afghanistan has taken wise stances for maintaining unity and foiling plots aimed at sowing discord in the region".

He also went on to mention the need for an inclusive fight against drugs and said: "Today, drugs are threatening the young generation in the region and throughout the world and we should cooperate extensively to fight this scourge".

"The Islamic Republic of Iran favours peace, stability, and sustainable security in Afghanistan and considers it as its own security and beneficial to the region," the President added.

He also described development of business and economic cooperation between Iran and Afghanistan very important and said: "Linking Afghanistan's railways to Iran and then to the North-South Corridor is a positive development in economic and business relations between the countries of the region".

In the phone call, President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai of Afghanistan also expressed condolences over the recent earthquake in Kermanshah on behalf of the Afghan government and nation and said: "The two nations are always together".

Strengthening unity and brotherhood between Shias and Sunnis is one of the main policies of Afghanistan, he said adding: "We will never let enemies to sow discord".

He also said that the Afghan government was serious in its fight against drug production and smuggling, calling for deepening of ties between Iran and Afghanistan.

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