Deepening Iran-Turkey business, economic ties important/Tripartite summit of Iran, Russia, Turkey has a key role in bolstering peace, sustainable stability in Syria, region

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran referred to the growing ties between Iran and Turkey and stressed the need to take full advantage of the existing capabilities and potentials to further develop relations and cooperation at bilateral, regional and international levels.

Wed 22 - November 2017 - 18:31

 President Rouhani met with the President of Turkey on Wednesday in Sochi, Russia on the margins of the tripartite summit of Iran, Turkey and Russia and referred to the growing Tehran-Ankara ties in various fields, saying: "Agreements between the two countries aimed at development of business and economic relations between the two countries are very important and we must attempt to accelerate full implementation of these agreements".

The president referred to the development of Iran-Turkey banking cooperation, especially in the field of ​​trade with the national currency, and stressed the need to create a single window and full-time operation of customs of the two countries.

Referring to the importance of continued cooperation and consultations between Iran, Russia and Turkey to resolve regional issues, especially on the issue of Syria, Dr Rouhani said: "Today's tripartite summit in Sochi will play an important role in the development and consolidation of peace and sustainable stability in Syria and the region".

He also said that there should be continued tripartite and international efforts to resolve the political crisis in Syria, because there are still worries about this issue, adding: "Today, ISIS' main bases in Syria and Iraq have collapsed, but we are still far from full eradication of terrorism from the region".

Referring to Iran and Turkey's consultations on various issues in the region, including Iraq and Yemen, Dr Rouhani stated: "Iran and Turkey must increase their cooperation and consultation in order to achieve their common goals, in particular, to establish lasting peace and stability in the region".

The president added: "The meetings and consultations of senior military officials of Iran and Turkey have played an important role in developing relations between the two countries".

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also offered condolences of the Turkish government and nation on the earthquake in Kermanshah and said: "Turkey is determined to deepen and cement ties and relations with Iran in all fields of mutual interest".

The Turkish president said: "In order to reach the $30-billion objective in trade and economic relations between Iran and Turkey, we must attempt to develop preferential trade and the use of national currency in commercial transactions".

Erdoğan also considered Iran and Turkey's consultations and efforts to resolve issues in the region, including Syria, and emphasised the need to develop cooperation between them in this regard.

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