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President at the meeting of Disaster Management Headquarters in Kermanshah province:

Kermanshah people leaders of defending the country, revolution/Strengthening proper management of disaster a national must/Satisfying needs, providing temporary housing natural right of victims/Helping people, rebuilding quake-hit areas on the agenda of tomorrow's meeting

"We need to use all of our might and power for treatment, housing, security, and supplying the immediate needs of people in earthquake-hit areas," said Dr Rouhani emphasising that "there is no place in Iran that does not share the sadness of the people of Kermanshah.

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Tue 14 - November 2017 - 16:50

Speaking at the meeting of Disaster Management Headquarters in Kermanshah province on Tuesday, Dr Rouhani added that our fraternity and brotherhood are being tested today, saying: "Unity and brotherhood between people of the province and throughout the country are evident and relying on this fraternity and brotherhood, we will pass through the problems".

Expressing sadness over the bitter earthquake in the cities of Kermanshah province, Dr Rouhani said: "The people of Kermanshah province have been active since the beginning of the revolution and even before the Holy Defence".

The president emphasized: "The people of Kermanshah are the forefront of defending the independence and dignity of the country and the revolution, and today they are standing by the revolution and the independence of the country."

President Rouhani also described natural disasters such as earthquakes as a divine test, in which shortcomings and deficiencies are identified, and stated: "Today, our authorities' management have been subjected to tests in various sectors".

Referring to the fact that we should not be looking at the roots of the incident in these events, because we are not aware of all of these reasons, Rouhani said: "In Kermanshah, the spirit of sympathy and assistance to another person is apparent, and the first people who rush to each other's help in these incidents are people".

"Today, fraternity and brotherhood in the country have been tested and the entire Iran share the sadness of the people of Kermanshah and they are sympathetic and helpful in solving their problems," he continued.

"Reinforcing proper disaster management is a national must and we must minimise security-related issues that get in the way of helping people," the president said.

He also emphasised the need for disaster management, security and the resolution of infrastructural problems in the quake-hit areas. Today we went among the people and heard their complaints and demands, which are mainly aimed at providing basic needs, treating the injured and compensating damages".

Stating that the government must work to provide the necessary equipment, such as tents, blankets and drinking water, temporary accommodation and reconstruction, the President urged the Governor General of Kermanshah to ensure full security in order to speed up assistance to the victims.

Dr Rouhani also called on the officials of the Disaster Management Headquarters to take the necessary measures to distribute the items needed by the people.

The president also described the presence of armed forces and airborne assistance by Islamic Republic of Iran Army Aviation and the Red Crescent Society as very influential in helping the victims and appreciated their efforts.

news id: 101567

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