Discord, the conspiracy of powers; rulers of region should move towards unity/Iran wishes stability, development for region/New US administration skilful in pickpocketing, incitement in region/Being friends with Zionist Regime instead of Iran a strategic mistake

President Rouhani described people's attendance in millions in Arba'een ceremony as a move that sends serious message to conspiracies in the region, saying: "World and western powers are always seeking to sow discord and disagreement among nations and countries of the region and I hope that rulers of the countries of the region move towards unity".

Wed 08 - November 2017 - 12:33

President Rouhani chaired a session of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday and stressed unity among countries of the region, saying: "Regarding the conspiracies and animosity of the United States and the Zionist Regime in the region, there is no wonder, because over years, they have wanted to harm the nations in this region".

"They have always sought pretexts to be present in the region and dominate over it to be able to plunder the region's oil and wealth and sell their weapons in return. The current US administration is very skilful in this regard and pickpocketing of countries of the region, especially Saudi Arabia," he continued.

Dr Rouhani also went on to say: "Domination seekers plunder oil and wealth of the region and sell their weapons in return to keep the flames burning".

Expressing surprise over actions by some countries of the region, he continued: "Today, the question is that what benefits has Saudi Arabia's animosity towards the peoples of the region got for it".

Stressing that the Islamic Republic of Iran wishes nothing but stability and development for the region, President Rouhani added: "Throughout history, Iranian and Saudi Arabian nations have had friendly, brotherly relationship with each other".

"Provided that Saudi Arabia is exercising animosity towards the Iranian nation, why is it showing hostility towards Yemeni people and regularly bombarding them?" he continued.

The President also went on to say: "What reaction can Yemeni people show against this much bombardment? Are they suggesting that they must not use their weapons? You stop the bombardment and see for yourself the positive response of the Yemeni people".

Addressing authorities of Saudi Arabia, he said: "Why are you showing hostility towards the people of Syria and Iraq? Why are you strengthening ISIS and left the peoples of the region with them? Why are you interfering with Lebanon's internal affairs and governance? There is no case in history that a country forces another one's authority to resign only to interfere with their internal affairs. This is an unprecedented event in history. Where are you going in this way?"

"You are aware of the Islamic Republic of Iran's power and position; those bigger than you have not been able to do anything against the Iranian nation. The United States and its followers mobilised all their might and facilities against the Iranian nation but they were not successful".

Stressing that Iran wishes peace, stability and development for the region, Dr Rouhani added: "We wish development and advancement for Yemen, Iraq, Syria and even Saudi Arabia and everyone must know that there is no way other than brotherhood, friendship and helping each other and you are wrong if you thing that Iran is not your friend and the United States and the Zionist Regime are. Such an idea is a strategic mistakes and a miscalculation".

The president said: "Our path in the region is to establish and strengthen stability and we want geographical boundaries not to change. Nations must decide for themselves and bombing and aggression must stop".

"Iran is accused of interfering in the region, while it is helping Iraq and Syria to fight terrorism on their own request and we are proud that we were able to stop ISIS from reaching its goals," he continued.

The president said: "Western powers sought to disrupt the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), but they were stuck in it and the world's public opinion did not accompany them, so they want to create disagreements and discord among the nations of the region".

Stating that western and global powers have always had a problem with unity of the nations of the region, and are seeking discord and division to overcome it, Dr Rouhani said: "To us, Shiite and Sunni and all ethnic groups are brothers and together. And I hope the new rulers of Saudi Arabia stop hostility towards the nations of the region and choose the path of friendship. They must know that they will not be harmed by respecting others and they must be aware that the intention of Iran in the region is nothing but stabilization and security".

Thanking the great nation of Iran for keeping vigilance, the president said: "We will continue the path of development and progress, and we will always be on the way to serving the great people of Iran".

People's attendance in millions in Arba'een ceremony sends serious message to conspiracies in the region, said the president adding: "I appreciate the government and people of Iraq for their hospitality in these days and I appreciate the great Iranian nation for their attention to this day".

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