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President in a meeting with Uzbekistan's FM:

Iran welcomes deepening bilateral, regional, int'l ties with Uzbekistan/Iranian technical-engineering companies ready to work in Uzbekistan/Stressing promoting multilateral transit cooperation, banking ties

President Rouhani stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran was ready to cement and deepen bilateral, regional and international ties with Uzbekistan and that there was no obstacle on the path of development of these relations.

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Wed 18 - October 2017 - 13:58

"Historical bonds between the two nations, along with culture and civilisation commonalities, as well as common national and regional interests have brought the two countries closer to each other despite no common borders," said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan, Abdulaziz Kamilov on Wednesday in Tehran.

The president emphasised: "The historical and close ties between the two nations provide a broad opportunity to strengthen and promote relations between the two governments in all fields, and undoubtedly, the development of these relations will benefit the two nations and the region as well".

Dr Rouhani also referred to various plans to strengthen the transit routes between the two countries from the routes of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, adding: "Along with improving the transit routes between the two countries, banking cooperation and visa-related issues should be facilitated so that private sectors of the two countries can take better advantage of the opportunities that exist in Iran and Uzbekistan".

Speaking on Iran's progress in the field of modern technologies and technical and engineering services, President Rouhani emphasised: "Iranian technical and engineering companies are ready to be more active in Uzbekistan by providing accurate services at international standards".

Iran is fully prepared to meet the needs of Uzbekistan for energy, he said, expressing hope that through regular meetings of the Joint Commission of Cooperation between the two countries, the ways of developing ties be investigated and implemented.

Dr Rouhani also stressed the need to strengthen cultural, academic and scientific cooperation between the two countries, saying: "Our religion is the religion of mercy and fraternity. By describing this religion of mercy to the youth, they should not be allowed to engage in extreme thoughts and terrorism".

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also continued to highlight the issue of security in the region and emphasised that the security of all the countries of the region was interlinked, calling for a collective effort to maintain security and stability in the region.

He stated: "All countries of the region are brothers and members of one family and we must not allow the enemies divide the countries of the region through spreading disputes in the area of ​​religion and ethnicity".

The Uzbek Foreign Minister also emphasised that Tashkent wanted to deepen its relations with Tehran in all fields, and stressed that a new page had been opened in the history of relations between the two countries at the Astana Summit.

"Our focus is on developing and deepening economic and cultural relations between the two countries alongside political relations, and the visit of the Iranian high-ranking officials to Uzbekistan will be a major step towards this joint cooperation and the establishment of strategic and long-term strategic relations between Tehran and Tashkent," he said.

He also called for close cooperation between the two countries on issues related to consolidation of security in the region and said that the two countries had a rich Islamic history and with the help of each other can prevent the growth of extremist ideas in the region.

news id: 101216

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