Trump’s recent remarks ineffective by people’s awareness, resistance/Market stability sign of economy’s impenetrability against political pressures/Current path of US administration the path of isolation, distrust/Traditional US allies, other countries explicitly stood by JCPOA, Iran

President Rouhani appreciated the authorities, people and parties’ integrity and vigilance in response to the recent remarks by the President of the United States and said: “Trump’s recent remarks became ineffective by people’s awareness and resistance”.

Tue 17 - October 2017 - 20:19

Speaking at the session of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution on Tuesday, Dr Rouhani said: “Market stability is the sign of our economy’s impenetrability against political pressures”.

He also referred to US’ animosity from the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, he said: “At the same time, such cheap, incorrect words towards the Iranian nation by presidents of the United States is unprecedented and before anything, it is the sign of their internal disagreements and lack of legitimacy”.

“It also shows concerns about regional powers and Iran’s increasing role in international relations,” added the Head of Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution.

Dr Rouhani went on to refer to pretending to break vows by a US president as unprecedented and continued: “On the one hand, the abolition of national commitments of the previous government of the United States, such as social security, and the abolition of bilateral and international commitments, such as the Paris Convention on Climate Change, UNESCO, and commercial contracts, have made the current US government in isolation and distrust”.

On the reaction of the international community to US president’s remarks about Iran and the nuclear deal, he said: “Even traditional allies of the US such as Europe not only did not accompany the US administration, but also immediately and explicitly announced that they would stand by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and continue to work with Iran”.

He also mentioned heavy advertisement by the US government and the Zionist lobby about announcing the new strategy against Iran, adding: “The US president had nothing to say, but repeating the same old baseless accusations and old claims, and internal unity and people’s hopefulness on the one hand, and integrated global support for the JCPOA and cooperation with Iran on the other, will force US officials to withdraw and review their policies”.

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