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President while receiving credentials of the new Greek Ambassador to Tehran:

Tehran ready to cement ties with Athens/JCPOA proved that dialogue the best way to settle int'l disputes

President Rouhani described Iran-Greece relations historical, and said: "Tehran and Athens have very good potentials to develop relations in various fields and the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to activate all these potentials".

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Sat 14 - October 2017 - 12:37

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is willing to develop and establish inclusive relations between Tehran and Athens, and the two countries have a lot of capacities in the fields of science, economics, culture and banking relations, as well as in the field of energy and transit, to increase the level of cooperation for the benefit of the two nations," said President Rouhani on Saturday while receiving the letter of credence of the new Ambassador of Greece to Tehran, Dimitri Alexandrakis.

"The JCPOA proved that dialogue and cooperation are the best solution to international disputes and in the interest of the international community, including Europe and the United States," the president said, referring to the EU's constructive stance on the JCPOA.

During the meeting, the new Ambassador of Greece to Tehran, Dimitri Alexandrakis presented his letter of credence to the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and described Iran and Greece as two ancient and civilised countries, adding: "My special mission is to deepen and strengthen relations between Tehran and Athens in various fields, including energy, science, technology, economy, culture and tourism".

Pointing out the importance of implementation of the JCPOA by all parties, the new Greek ambassador emphasised: "It is important for all parties to adhere to their commitments in the JCPOA, and the parties that do not live up to their commitments must be explicitly told that they are wrong.

news id: 101161

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