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President in a cabinet session:

Iranian nation always supported revolution, system to achieve goals, security, national interests/People's lively participation in 19 May elections a strong response to enemies/Commitment to vows the base of global trust in a gov't/JCPOA a big test for all gov'ts/IRGC loved by Iranian nation, regional countries

Dr Rouhani said that the Iranian nation has always supported the revolution and the Islamic Republic system in establishing security and achieving national interests, adding: "The enemies of the Iranian nation must understand that this nation will never forget their lofty goals in the path to advancement and perfection".

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Wed 11 - October 2017 - 14:12

President Rouhani chaired a cabinet session on Wednesday and said: "When the US President came to the region to put a show of power in Saudi Arabia against Iran, the Iranian nation responded strongly to the US and its allies with their lively participation in 19 May elections".

The President described the Iranian nation's welcoming and votes to the candidates approved by the system as the best response to the enemies, adding: "Of course the enemies won't abandon their animosity and they may at any time conspire against the revolution and our country, and in this regard, we must always be strong, powerful and ready to deal with possible incidents".

Dr Rouhani continued: "Our country's diplomats attended multilateral, and in a sense international, negotiations as representatives of the Iranian people which resulted in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) reached, and it was implemented and operated after about 6 months".

The president said that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was a very big test for all the governments participating in the negotiations and other states of the world, adding: "Commitment and fulfilment of one's promises is the basis of the world's trust in that state; we, as the Islamic Republic of Iran, have been careful to fulfil our promises, and this is an honour for us".

Pointing out that if the other side of the negotiation, our rival or enemy withdraws from the commitment, this is not a failure for us, but a failure for the other side, saying: "We chose the right course in that time and point in time, and we entered negotiations well and negotiated with all our might and accuracy, and what we achieved was the best possible".

The president stressed: "If all parties to the talks stand behind this agreement, it means keeping their dignity and, if they leave, they have in fact undermined their dignity".

"Today, we have two domestic and global divisions in relation to American politics; just take a look at how intellectuals and politicians inside the US stand and talk about recent actions taken by the US government," Dr Rouhani continued.

He said: "The new US president's actions widens that gap in internal unity of the country because if one day the United States wants to exit the JCPOA, then it will be clearer for people that the United States has made a big loss".

Referring to the fact that there are only a few countries and a regime in favour of these actions in the global alignment with US action, the President said: "Today, the path chosen by the Islamic Republic of Iran is supported by the world, and even among the allies of the United States in Europe, there is no one to support the collapse of the agreement, since this agreement is not a bilateral agreement, but a global one".

"It is really embarrassing for the US government to argue that it will oppose anything that the previous government has done," Dr Rouhani added.

He said: "Today, Iran, as a country that adheres to its commitments, is acclaimed by public opinion and the governments around the world, and the United States is considered to be a country that has auctioned its prestige and reputation, of course many inside the United States, including current and past officials, are opposed to the current US administration's policies".

The president added: "The great Iranian nation has done a great job, and we signed a document that the world supports today and stands against the actions that our enemy wants to do".

Today, the current president of the United States created a situation where Iran is ever more integrated, more alert and more united, the President added, saying: "Today, the proponents and opponents of the JCPOA stand together and have the same voice; we consider violating the commitments false and wrong, and treacherous against national interests, the region and the world".

Dr Rouhani said: "The Iranian people have never trusted the United States and know what the United States has done, and is doing, against our national interests, but today these are all clearer".

The president stated: "If the United States wants to take a hostile stance against an international treaty approved by the United Nations Security Council and part of resolution 2231, it will not oppose Iran only, but opposes the countries of the world and opposes the United Nations, which, of course, sometimes they explicitly say that the United Nations is of no use for them".

If the United States makes a mistake and exits the JCPOA, this would be to the detriment of Americans only, said the president adding: "We have different ways ahead and choose a way that our system and our country's interests desire. We will not have any problems in advancing our goals and directions".

The president continued: "Today, five countries negotiating with Iran, EU countries and other countries of the world, favour Iran and if the United States makes that mistake, it has acted against its own national interests and dignity".

"There is no problem for our country as long as our nation is united, coherent and obedient to a brave leadership," said Rouhani continuing that we should not have any concerns inside the country about these actions. "There are ups and downs, but we will overcome them easily".

Today, it will become clear who is the outlaw, violating international rules, and which country is respected by countries and public opinion of the world, he said, adding: If the United States wants to commit the next mistake and take action against the Revolutionary Guards, this is another fault; the Revolutionary Guard is not just a military unit, but it has a place in the hearts of the Iranian people and has defended our national interests in times of threats to the country".

"The Revolutionary Guards are not only popular among the people of Iran, but also among the Iraqi people because they saved Baghdad. It is also popular with the Iraqi Kurds, because they saved Erbil. It is also popular with the people of Damascus and Syria, because they saved Damascus. It is popular among the Lebanese people because it has been a supporter of the dignity and independence of Lebanon; the IRGC has always aided the oppressed and stood up against terrorists".

The president said: "Americans are right to be angry because they wanted to keep ISIS in the region for 20 years and use it as a tool, but the Revolutionary Guards stopped it with its planning and support from the Iraqi, Syrian and Lebanese nations".

"Americans are right to be upset because the Islamic Republic of Iran proved that they are liars by attending the negotiations," continued Rouhani.

He also considered the words of the president of the United States about Iran at the United Nations as "unimportant and disgraceful," and said: "The United States must respond to the people of our region, why they made the people of Afghanistan miserable and created 18 years of insecurity in the country, why they made Iraq unsafe and dominated ISIS over people, and why they intervene in internal affairs of other countries, only to sell more weapons".

The president said that the United States has become more hostile to the thoughts of the nations of the world, and that nobody is in the heart of America's policies and interventions, he stressed: "The Islamic Republic of Iran has always been helping the countries that are oppressed and oppressed." Iran has called for help.

Dr Rouhani stated: "I want to thank the great people of Iran in advance; in the first place, I want all the media to be together with the people and speak with the nation, and I tell the US in advance that you have been defeated in this conspiracy like all your previous conspiracies; you have made mistakes again and you will again".

"We trust you 100 per cent, and in no way we write the political mistakes of the Iraqi Kurdistan in your book, because you are part of the great people of Iran, and the most loyal folk of the Iranian nation in this region and you have always supported the revolution and during the imposed war".

Stating that we like all the Kurdish people in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey, and do not want to put any pressure on the Kurds, Dr Rouhani added: "If their officials made mistakes, they must pay the price of the mistake they have made, but Kurdish people, as peaceful people in the region, are looking for progress and respect".

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