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President at the meeting of High Council for Strategic Partnerships of Iran and Turkey:

Tehran, Ankara determined to deepen ties/Iran ready to supply Turkey's energy/Using Iranian, Turkish national currencies in trade exchange/No change in geographical borders, protecting territorial integrity of countries the ultimate goal of the two countries

President Rouhani attended the meeting of High Council for Strategic Partnerships of Iran and Turkey and said that the two countries have strong historical and civilisation bonds, expressing hope that the negotiations start a new chapter in relations.

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Wed 04 - October 2017 - 17:54

In the meeting that was held on Wednesday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani referred to the good, amicable relations between the two countries, adding: "The two countries have strong will to deepen relations and we aim to further deepen these ties based on mutual interest".

"Today, the presence of the two powers, Iran and Turkey, to establish stability and security in the region is more important than ever," continued Rouhani.

The president mentioned the development of Tehran-Ankara cooperation in various sectors, including energy, saying: "The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to promote its cooperation with Turkey in order to meet its need for energy, including gas".

Dr Rouhani said that the development of economic relations and the promotion of the volume of trade between Iran and Turkey to realise the $30-billion goal in business relations was essential, adding: "The latest agreements in the banking sector will further increase banking cooperation".

"The talks also stipulated that the agreement on the use of the national currencies of Iran and Turkey to facilitating trade between the central banks of the two countries, along with two major banks, will be signed within the next week," continued the president.

Referring to the potentials for investing in Iran in various sectors, including infrastructure, petrochemicals and tourism, the president said: "Turkish companies and businesspeople can be active like other foreign companies".

He went on to say: "Iran and Turkey can participate in various sectors such as customs cooperation, electricity, water, tourism, construction, entertainment centres, development of tourism and consular and judicial cooperation".

"No change in geographical borders and protecting territorial integrity of countries are the ultimate goal of the two countries," said the president referring to the recent referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan Region, and the recent developments in the region, in particular Syria.

He added: "Tripartite negotiations with Russia will continue within the framework of talks in Astana".

The president added that Iran and Turkey could increase their cooperation in the ECO Organization, especially with regard to the ECO Bank and the regional joint market of electricity of ECO.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said: "Without a doubt, these meetings will remove the obstacles to the development of bilateral cooperation and relations and provide conditions for reaching new solutions and concluding agreements and projects for the further development of relations".

Referring to the interest of companies and the private sector of Turkey to attend and invest in Iran's projects, the Turkish president said: "We should encourage businesspeople and private sectors of the two countries to develop cooperation and implement joint projects".

Groundwork is ready to develop trade to $30bn, said the Turkish President referring to plans to increase the level of economic cooperation between the two countries.

He also described relations between the two countries' armed forces as satisfying.

Presidents of Iran and Turkey also emphasised the need for more cooperation between the two countries' joint commissions to implement agreements and develop cooperation.

news id: 101049

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