The late Talabani had a key role in Iraq's national unity, integrity/I hope moderate policies of Talabani will be followed by Iraqi tribes, ethnic groups

President Rouhani sent a message expressing condolences over the death of Jalal Talabani, the former president of Iraq to the people and government of Iraq, stating: "Without a doubt, the late Talabani was a distinguished figure who attempted a lot for strengthening bonds between Iraqi tribes and ethnic groups".

Wed 04 - October 2017 - 11:38

He also said that the late Talabani had a key role in Iraq's national unity and integrity, as well as strengthening the political process and promotion of Iraq's role in the region and the world.

Dr Rouhani also expressed hope that the moderate policies of the late Talabani will be followed by ethnic groups and tribes in Iraq as a valuable legacy.

"His role in deepening brotherly bonds between the two Iranian and Iraqi nations is unforgettable," said Rouhani, praying to the Almighty for his mercy and his family's patience.

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