Tehran welcomes deepening ties with Dublin/Iran can provide for Europe's energy needs/Developing ties with EU, JCPOA's sustainability, fighting terrorism Iran's three key foreign policies

President Rouhani referred to Iran's willingness to develop relations and cooperation with all European countries, including Ireland, adding: "We welcome deepening of political, cultural, economic and scientific ties with Ireland".

Tue 03 - October 2017 - 13:53

Dr Hassan Rouhani met with the Chairman of the Senate of the Republic of Ireland Denis O’Donovan on Tuesday in Tehran and said: "Today there is a great opportunity for developing cooperation and relations between Tehran and Dublin in various sectors, including agriculture, industry, pharmacy and medical equipment, as well as new technologies and communication that we need to take advantage of in order to deepen relations".

Referring to the ample historical and natural attractions in Iran and Ireland, Dr Rouhani emphasised the necessity of developing tourism and cooperation between the two countries in these fields.

He also went on to mention the existing potentials in various sectors such as mining, petrochemicals and energy in Iran, saying: "We welcome investment by Irish businesspeople in various projects in our country and Iran can be a reliable source for meeting the needs of European countries in the field of energy".

Dr Rouhani also emphasised the need to develop banking relations as the main basis for deepening trade and economic cooperation, adding: "Development of relations with the EU, sustainability of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and the parties' commitment to the agreement, and the fight against terrorism are the three key principles in Iran's foreign policy".

"In its recent eight reports, the IAEA has emphasised that Iran has fully lived up to its commitments. As we have repeatedly stated we will never be the first party to violate the agreement," said the President adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran is fully committed to the nuclear accord.

Fortunately, today the problems of the region are declining and that terrorist groups operating in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon have been weakened so much, said Rouhani continuing: "We must all work together and join hands to combat terrorism, because it is a threat to the whole world".

The president also said: "The Islamic Republic of Iran has responded positively to the request for help from the neighbouring countries and is now ready to cooperate more with other countries, including Ireland".

Chairman of the Senate of the Republic of Ireland Denis O’Donovan expressed happiness over meeting with the President, saying: "Ireland is determined to develop relations and cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran".

He also referred to the need to promote the level of political, trade, economic, cultural and tourism relations between the two countries, saying: "Development of all-inclusive relations with Iran is in the interests of the two nations".

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