We always appreciate nation’s children’s devotion/Iranian people learned steadfastness from Imam Hussein (AS)

President Rouhani visited war veteran Saeid Shahrian, who was wounded during the Sacred Defence with 70% disability, and said: “The people of Iran will always appreciate their children’s devotion and self-sacrifice”.

Thu 28 - September 2017 - 09:12

In the visit that took place late on Wednesday, Dr Rouhani said: “Visiting, serving and constant contact with the families of martyrs and veterans is our duty”.

Describing martyrdom and self-sacrifice praiseworthy, the President said: “If it were not for devotion and self-sacrifice of our soldiers in the Sacred Defence era, we would not have independence and dignity in our country”.

“The enemies have never been able to pressurise and force the Iranian nation to surrender,” continued the President.

He also said: “People’s passionate attendance in martyr Hojaji’s funeral showed that Iranian nation will never forget these braveries”

In this visit that Vice-President in Martyrs and Veterans Affairs Hojatoleslam val-Moslemin Shahidi was attending, a plaque of appreciation was given to the veteran.

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