Iran-Russia ties to further strengthen by advancing existing projects/Territorial integrity in region, not changing borders key for Iran

President Hassan Rouhani of Iran and President Putin of Russia had a telephone conversation with in which Dr Rouhani welcomed deepening of the comprehensive relations between Tehran and Moscow, emphasising that relations between the two countries will be strengthened further by the implementation of the existing projects.

Mon 25 - September 2017 - 14:56

In the telephone conversation that was held on Monday, Dr Rouhani referred to the coming meeting of the Presidents of Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan in Tehran, saying: "We attach great weight to trilateral relations between Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan and in the upcoming meeting, the issues that are of interest to the three countries will be put on the agenda".

Dr Rouhani also referred to the common positions and stances of the two countries on Syria and the pursuit of the Astana summit, saying: "We are serious about the Syrian issue, and believe that the whole world is now looking at the Astana talks and our constructive cooperation on Syria".

"Territorial integrity in the region and not changing borders are very important for the Islamic Republic of Iran and we are fully prepared to continue the process of cooperation and coordination for the next Astana summit," continued the President.

Referring to the current developments in Iraq, he said: "For the Islamic Republic of Iran, the security of the region and preservation of Iraq's territorial integrity and national unity are important, and coordination among the countries of the region will be very important in this regard".

The Russian President Vladimir Putin also reaffirmed Moscow's resolve to develop inclusive relations with Tehran, and described quick implementation of the existing projects effective in to further strengthen these relations".

The Russian president also referred to the upcoming tripartite summit of Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan, saying: "A wide range of issues related to strengthening of the inclusive cooperation between the three countries will be discussed at the Tehran summit".

Putin also praised Tehran's constructive stances at the previous summits on Syria in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, and said: "Cooperation between the two countries along with Turkey on Syria will strongly continue to bring peace to Syria and eliminate the terrorists".

The Russian president also said that the Russian government supports the Iraqi government and territorial integrity by explaining the positions of Moscow on the developments in Iraq.

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