We won't ask anybody's permission to defend our land/Ashura culture brought independence, freedom, Islamic Revolution for this land/This year's UNGA unveiled true face of Washington, Tel Aviv rulers/We will live up to our commitments until the other sides respects it

The great Iranian nation has always sought peace and security in the entire region and world and has supported the oppressed around the world, said President Rouhani at armed forces' parade ceremony.

Fri 22 - September 2017 - 11:27

At the ceremony that was held on Friday at the tomb of the Great Founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini (RA), Dr Rouhani added: "To defend our land and people, we will ask for nobody's permission, and, without a doubt, until the day the great Iranian nation is integrated and united behind the orders of the Supreme Leader, no power will be able to obstruct our path to safeguard our rights".

Dr Hassan Rouhani added: “36 years ago, the great Iranian nation stood against a violent aggression and defended the territorial integrity of their country and their dignity by following the Imam of the martyrs , Imam Hussein (AS) and the culture of Ashura”.

The president added: "During the 8 years of the Holy Defence, one of the greatest motivations of the people for sacrifice and martyrdom was the great epic of Ashura and Karbala”.

“The peak of the Islamic revolution and movement was during the month of Muharram and the days of Tasoa and Ashura,” he noted, saying: “The culture of Ashura helped us succeed against the regime of tyranny and its merciless supporters, bringing the country independence, freedom and the Islamic Republic”.

Dr Rouhani added: "Unfortunately, in today's world, when a free nation wants to defend itself by producing its weapons with its own capable hands, it is accused by the world's mercenaries and their propagandists, whereas they themselves produce billions of dollars of weapons every day and every year and flood them into the region and produce bombs that result in displacement and destruction for Yemen and they have plans, the result of which are destruction in Syria and Iraq and prevent the nations from developing, constructing, and advancing”.

Emphasizing that Iran's military power is in order to defend the country and the nations of the region against the invasion of the great powers and the terrorists, Rouhani said: "I am asking those who speak falsely and incorrectly to the Iranian people: In the hard days of the people of the region, who hosted the displaced in the region? Did not the Iranian people host the oppressed people of Afghanistan for years? The day you invaded Afghanistan and started bloodshed in the country, wasn’t it the Iranian people who welcomed refugees from Muslim and brother countries? And the day when Iraq was invaded savagely, wasn’t it the Iranian people who received the people of this land and opened their arms to welcome them?”

Dr Rouhani said: "I ask you: when you built terrorist groups and provided them with money, weapons and training, and they attacked the people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and killed innocent people, which country responded positively to the voices of the oppressed Iraqi and Syrian people and their governments under pressure, saving Baghdad and Damascus from those killers and terrorists and established relative security in the region?”

"Against all those who create problems every day for the people of the region and all over the world, and are proud of selling malicious weapons to violate people's freedom and comfort, and those who have been supporting the bloodthirsty Zionist Regime, which has invaded and harassed the peoples of the region for 70 years as a cancerous gland, the only nation that has always defended the oppressed is the great nation of Iran,” continued the President.

The United States and the Zionist Regime were the only two voices that were different from all the other voices in the UNGA, said Rouhani adding: “But the whole world supported the Iranian nuclear deal and endorsed the path of solving a regional and international issue through negotiation and logic, but only two were worried about peace and security in the sensitive area of ​​the Middle East”.  

“And this was a test that showed the real face of the Washington rulers and the Tel Aviv usurpers against the thoughts of the world,” he continued.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said: “Whether you want or not, we will defend the oppressed people of Yemen, Syria and Palestine, and strengthen our military and defence capabilities to the extent necessary for defending ourselves”.

The president stated: "Not only missiles, but our air, ground and navy forces are supported by all the Muslim and brave people of Iran, and we will not ask for permission from anyone to defend our land."

"If we make a commitment to anyone, we will live to it until the other side respects it," he continued, adding: “We are confident that by trusting in God, the great nation of Iran will be the victorious at the end”.

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